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 AMD Technologies + Software

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Leading the next era of vivid digital experiences

At AMD we design technology that brings visually-rich and meaningful digital experiences to our users. Explore this section to learn how AMD technologies and software work to enhance and accelerate the user experience across PCs, gaming systems, digital devices and cloud servers.

  • Designed to give you the most out Seamless control of your AMP-enabled memory module at your fingertips
  • Eliminates the bottlenecks inherent in legacy front side bus architectures for improved performance and efficiency
  • AMD’s radical, new architecture underlies the world’s most advanced and versatile GPUs
  • A revolutionary architecture enabling lighter, sleeker devices with longer battery life and powerful, next-generation visual experiences
  • A high speed, low latency, point-to-point design that increases communication speed between circuits
  • The software component that makes it easy to apply programming techniques and optimizations written for consoles to PC’s with GCN architecture
  • With two, four or more processor cores on a single chip, AMD we can delivers industry-leading performance
  • Get incredibly realistic detail with the world's first real-time hair physics system

*Additional hardware (e.g. HD or 4K monitor, USB, 3.0 ports, wirelessly enabled HDTV) and/or software (e.g. multimedia applications and/or Wi-Fi access) are required for the full enablement of some features. HD/4K Video display requires an HD/4K video source.  Not all features may be supported on all components or systems - check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities and supported technologies.

For more information on AMD features and software go to amd.com/featuredetails.