Cooler Solutions

​AMD offers premium thermal solutions for people who care about the way their PCs run, sound, and look.

We’ve listened to our customer feedback and designed our newest coolers to deliver near-silent operation, bolstered with capable thermal hardware – with no increase in pricing when these new coolers have been added to existing processors – for a tremendous value.

​A New Line of AMD Wraith Coolers for Socket AM4 and AMD Ryzen™ processors

We’ve upped the ante with a whole new line of AMD Wraith Coolers for Socket AM4 and the new Ryzen™ processor. From the small Wraith Stealth, to the capable Wraith Spire, all the way to the top-of-the-line Wraith Max, every Wraith cooler features near-silent acoustics paired with capable thermal performance. In addition, the Wraith Spire Cooler bundled with the AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700 feature color-configurable LED illumination so your Ryzen™ processor looks as good as it performs, and allows for RGB color control when you choose a compatible motherboard like the ASUS Aura sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, Biostar VIVID LED DJ, and ASRock RGB LED​. ​


Note: Wraith Max cooler with RGB programmable LED currently available exclusively as a pre-installed thermal solution in select partner systems. Wraith Spire cooler with RGB programmable LED bundled with AMD RyzenTM 7 1700 processors, while Wraith Cooler models for Ryzen™ 5 processors do not feature LED Illumination.

Download the RGB illumination control utility for AMD Wraith Max cooler


The original AMD Wraith Cooler 

The original AMD Wraith Cooler

Featuring near-silent 39dbA operation, the AMD Wraith Cooler is practically inaudible when installed in your PC.1,2 That’s less than one-tenth the noise of its predecessor, but with impressive thermal performance thanks to 24% more cooling surface fin area and 34% more fan airflow.3,5 Backlit illumination and an attractive fan shroud makes the Wraith Cooler an impressive piece of hardware that every PC enthusiast can be proud to show in their system, available now and bundled exclusively with processors like the AMD FX™ 8370, FX™ 8350, FX™ 6350, and A10-7890K APU.


Near-Silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution 

The Near-Silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution

When results are all that matter: the Near-Silent AMD 125W AMD Thermal Solution features the AMD Wraith Cooler’s near-silent operation and capable thermal performance, without the illuminated shroud.2,4 This powerful cooling hardware can be found on both the AMD Athlon™ X4 880K and the proven A10-7870K processors.

The Near-Silent 95W AMD Thermal Solutions

Near-Silent 95W AMD Thermal Solutions Near-Silent 95W AMD Thermal Solutions

The same near-silent capabilities of the premium AMD Wraith Cooler – without the bling. The near-silent 95W AMD Thermal Solutions feature the AMD Wraith Cooler’s near-silent operation, now bundled with processors including the AMD Athlon™ X4 870K, Athlon™ X4 860K, Athlon™ X4 845, A10-7860K, A8-7670K, and A8-7650K.2,4

ProcessorsBundled Thermal Solution
​AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700​AMD Wraith Spire (RGB programmable LED with compatible motherboards)
AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600
AMD Ryzen™ 5 1500X
​AMD Wraith Spire Cooler (no LED)
​AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400​​AMD Wraith Stealth Cooler (no LED)​

AMD FX™ 8370

AMD FX™ 8350

AMD A10-7890K

AMD FX™ 6350

AMD Wraith Cooler

AMD A10-7870K

AMD Athlon™ 880K

Near-Silent 125W AMD Thermal Solution  

AMD A10-7860K

AMD A8-7670K

AMD A8-7650K

AMD Athlon™ X4 870K

AMD Athlon™ X4 860K

AMD Athlon™ X4 845

Near-Silent 95W AMD Thermal Solution