The “Zen” Core Architecture


Introducing AMD SenseMI Technology

AMD introduces SenseMI, a set of sensing, adapting, and learning technologies built into the AMD Ryzen™ processor that combine with multiple other advances in architectural, platform, efficiency, and processing technology to address the demanding needs of gamers and enthusiast PC users.

​​Pure Power

Cool and quiet processor operation using machine intelligence, sensors, and optimized circuit design.

  • Monitors temperature, speed and voltage
  • Adaptive control manages real time for lower power usage
  • Ongoing monitoring guides other AMD SenseMI features​​
Precision Boost icon

Precision Boost

Fine-tuned processor performance adjusted in real time to meet the clockspeed demands of your game or app.

  • Works in tandem with Pure Power control loop to optimize performance
  • On-the-fly clock adjustment without halts or queue drains
  • High precision tuning with 25MHz increments
Fine-grained Frequency Control icon 

​​Extended Frequency Range

Automatic extra performance boost for enthusiasts with premium systems and processor cooling.

  • Permits frequencies above and beyond ordinary Precision Boost limits
  • Clockspeed scales with cooling solution: air, water, and LN2
  • Fully automated; no user intervention required
Neural Net Prediction icon

Neural Net Prediction

Built-in artificial intelligence that primes your processor to tackle your app workload more efficiently.

  • A true artificial network inside every “Zen” processor
  • Builds a model of the decisions driven by software code execution
  • Anticipates future decisions, pre-load instructions, choose the best path through the CPU
Smart Prefetch icon 

​​Smart Prefetch

Learning algorithms that predict and pre-load needed data for fast and responsive computing.

  • Anticipates the location of future data accesses by application code
  • Sophisticated learning algorithms model and learn application data access patterns
  • Prefetches vital data into local cache so it’s ready for immediate use
​ ​
Zen Core Architecture 

Setting the Bar for High Performance and Efficiency

AMD’s high-performance x86 Core “Zen” architecture delivers an unprecedented 40 percent improvement in instructions-per-clock cycle over the previous generation AMD core, without increasing power.*

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​​Maximum Compute Efficiency​

The new “Zen” core is the engine at the heart of inspired new computing products from AMD expected in market next year.  An all-new, clean sheet, high performance x86 core, “Zen” is designed for maximum data throughput and instruction execution plus high bandwidth, low latency cache-memory support for optimal compute efficiency.

“Zen” Core to Span from Server to Fanless Mobile Designs​

In 2017, AMD expects to introduce “Zen” core-based computing products first for high-performance desktops, then for enterprise-class servers, mobile PCs, and then embedded applications.

Performance and Efficiency for Next-​Gen Applications

Cloud computing, enterprise productivity, immersive visual experiences, gaming and data security open up new frontiers – and demand more computing performance with maximum energy efficiency. From the very beginning, AMD engineers designed the new “Zen” core to meet and exceed the evolving performance and efficiency needs of the next generation of applications and beyond.

“Zen” Microarchitecture Details

The new AMD Zen architecture uses a wide execution engine in a simultaneous multithreading (SMT) capable design. “Zen” cores are designed to efficiently use available microarchitectural resources for maximum compute performance. A new, low latency, three-tier cache and new pre-fetch algorithms lead to dramatically fewer cache misses and greater bandwidth compared to the previous microarchitecture.

High Level View:

  • Two threads per core
  • 8 MB shared L3 cache
  • ​Large, unified L2 cache
  • Micro-op Cache
  • Two AES units for security
  • High efficiency FinFET transistors

Powered by the AM4 Platform​​​

From 7th Gen APUs to upcoming Zen-based “Summit Ridge” desktop processors, the future-ready AM4 platform features the newest I/O standards and an AMD commitment to support it into the future.

The initial “Zen” cores for “Summit Ridge”-powered desktops will utilize the AMD AM4 socket, a new unified socket infrastructure that is compatible with 7th Generation AMD A-Series desktop processors. With dedicated PCIe® lanes for cutting-edge USB, graphics, data and other I/O, the AMD AM4 platform will not steal lanes from other devices and components. This allows users to enjoy systems with improved responsiveness and the future looking technologies that the AM4 platform provides, resulting in a powerful, scalable and reliable computing solution for all their needs.