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If it can outsmart Brainiac, imagine what else it can do

 If it’s inside the leading game consoles …

imagine what AMD technology can do for you

It unites you with the caped crusader in a heart-pounding adventure to save the Earth and outsmart the most cunning villain in the universe. And it delivers brilliant video, immersive gaming and incredible graphics performance along the way. Just imagine what else the AMD accelerated processing unit (APU) is capable of.

 Discover new and amazing software experiences, available through AMD

​Unleash the full potential of your AMD-based PC with free software exclusive to new AMD-based systems


 AMD Gesture Control

One wave does it all – from apps to maps, control your system virtually touch-free2

 AMD Wireless Display

​Share your content over the air – in vivid HD – with virtually stutter-free quality3

 AMD Face Login

​With AMD Face Login, all you need is your face to log in to many of your favorite sites2

​Featured system

Lenovo Z50

  • Great for multimedia
  • Up to 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • Starting at 2.5 kg.

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​Outperforming the competition in the benchmarks

Performance benchmarks show that the AMD FX-7500 APU delivers superior productivity, graphics and compute performance compared to competing processors.

Up to 1.5x the graphics performance*


Similar productivity4


Up to 1.4x the compute performance5


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 Learn more about the AMD technology that drives the graphics and compute performance of your computer

APU is a revolutionary processor design that combines two traditional types of processors

CPU = central processing unit
GPU = industry-leading AMD Radeon™ graphics processing unit