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 AMD Chipsets for Desktop PCs




​AMD chipsets for desktops are designed to support cutting-edge platform technologies for home entertainment, gaming and business productivity.

AMD A-Series chipset logo 


​​A-Series Chipset

AMD A-series chipsets are designed to unleash the performance of the AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) and are offered in a variety of different I/O configurations. The A88X even offers end users the capability to run dual discrete graphics units (dGPUs) simultaneously in an AMD CrossFire™ configuration.

AMD 9-Series chipset logo 


​​9-Series Chipset

​AMD 9-series chipsets unlock the world’s first native eight core desktop processors from AMD with the support of the latest device technologies for an easy, seamless PC experience and the next generation AMD OverDrive™ software for full FX support.