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 AMD Radeon™ E2400 GPU for Embedded Applications

Point-of-sale system

High-performance graphics in a small footprint

With 128MB of GDDR3 memory integrated into a compact chip, the AMD Embedded Radeon™ E2400 GPU enables high quality graphics for a variety of space-constrained designs. Including a flexible, power-efficient design, the AMD Embedded Radeon E2400 enables superior 2D and 3D graphics performance for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.



Power-Efficient 2D, 3D and Multimedia Graphics

Delivers exceptional 2D, 3D and multimedia graphics performance for embedded systems

High Performance Graphics in a Small Footprint

Enables the use of high quality graphics in a variety of space constrained designs


AMD Embedded Radeon™ E2400 GPU, at 31mm x 31mm, can help customers develop richer, visually appealing content for their embedded applications.

AMD Embedded Radeon™ E2400 PCI Express® add-in board delivers entry-level graphics and video performance in an industry standard, single slot, half length, PCI Express® x16 form factor.