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 AMD Geode™ LX Processor Family

AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W embedded processor

x86 power and versatility for embedded applications

The AMD Geode™ 600@0.7W Processor,1 AMD Geode™ LX 700@0.8W processor,2 AMD Geode LX800@0.9W processor3 and AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W processor4 bring x86 power and versatility to applications for entertainment, business, education and embedded markets.



Windows® and Linux Compatible

Natively runs Windows® and Linux based applications

Support for Portable Devices

Full Internet browser experience on portable devices

Ready to Go

No software porting needed - programs run without modification

32-Bit Compatible

Access to the full universe of 32-bit x86 software


  • Processor frequency
    • LX 900, up to 600MHz
    • LX 800, up to 500MHz
    • LX 700, up to 433MHz
    • LX 600, up to 366MHz
  • 64K I/64K D L1 cache and 128K L2 cache
  • Split I/D cache/TLB (translation look-aside buffer)
  • 64-bit DDR memory interface up to 600MHz (LX 900), up to 400MHz (LX 800), up to 333MHz (LX 700) and up to 366MHz (LX 600)
  • Integrated FPU that supports the Intel MMX™ and AMD 3DNow!™ technology instruction sets
  • 9 GB/s internal GeodeLink™ interface unit (GLIU)
  • Security Block
    • 128-bit AES (CBC/ECB)
    • True random number generator
  • High-resolution CRT and TFT outputs (simultaneous operation)
    • Support for high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) standards
    • Support 1920x1440 in CRT mode and 1600x1200 in TFT mode
  • VESA 1.1 and 2.0 VIP/VDA support
  • 0.13 micron process
  • 481-terminal PBGA (plastic ball grid array) with internal heatspreader

Power management

  • 2.6W Typical (5.1W TDP) @ 600MHz
  • 1.8W Typical (3.6W TDP) @ 500MHz
  • 1.3W Typical (3.1W TDP) @ 433MHz
  • 1.2W Typical (2.8W TDP) @ 366MHz
  • GeodeLink active hardware power management
  • Hardware support for standard ACPI software power management
  • I/O companion SUSP#/SUSPA# power controls
  • Lower power I/O
  • Wakeup on SMI/INTR
  • Optional In-package 2KBit EEPROM

Ordering information

  • OPN:
    • ALXG900EEYJ2VH
    • ALXD800EEXJ2VF
    • ALXD800EEXJ2VC
    • ALXD800EEXJ2VD
    • ALXC700EETH2VC
    • ALXC700EETH2VD
    • ALXC600EETK2VD