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 AMD Embedded R-Series Family of Processors

AMD R-series embedded processor
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High performance and high definition on one chip

Combining high-performance CPU technology and powerful AMD Radeon™ graphics technology on a single chip, the AMD Embedded R-series platform enables a high definition visual experience for smaller form factors at low power and cost.



Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)

The first embedded processor to harness HSA features to enable better system performance, multimedia interactivity and improved battery life.


Can enable game developers to unleash the full power of Graphics Core Next architecture to revolutionize arcade and casino gaming.

Open Source Linux Development

Customized embedded Linux development and commercial support through Mentor Embedded Linux, Sourcery™ CodeBench Embedded Linux and Mentor Embedded Linux Lite which Mentor makes available at no cost.

Hardware Video Compression Engine

Enables efficient encoding and fast video conversion.

Secure Asset Management Unit

Lowers power/CPU overhead when dealing with protected content.

Parallel Compute Capabilities

AMD R-series processors offer a wide range of parallel compute capabilities to suit the requirements of many embedded applications.

AMD EyefinityTechnology

Drive up to four displays simultaneously as independent displays or as a single large surface with Eyefinity technology1.


The low-cost, power-efficient design of the AMD R-series platform suits a wide range of applications. Learn how AMD R-series processors are a good fit for your industry.

Others include: IP-TV, Media servers, medical imaging, security and surveillance