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 AMD Turion™ Neo X2 | AMD Athlon™ Neo X2 Dual-Core Processors


​Shrink the design, not the performance

AMD Turion™ Neo X2 L625 and AMD Athlon™ Neo X2 L325 dual-core processors are designed for embedded systems. The L625 and L325 add a new level of performance to the existing ASB1 (BGA) embedded processors. Additionally, the AMD Turion Neo X2 and the AMD Athlon Neo X2 ASB1 dual-core processors offer Error Correcting Code (ECC) to help deliver reliability and secure data transactions for enterprise-level designs. AMD Turion Neo X2 L625 and AMD Athlon Neo X2 L325 processors are well suited for the high end of traditional embedded designs, such as telecommunications and networking devices, ruggedized systems for military and aerospace or other field implementations, digital signage, gaming machines and industrial controls, where the second core presents system designers with significant additional processing to satisfy the needs of high-end embedded markets.


  • ​AMD Turion™ Neo X2 L625 and AMD Athlon™ Neo X2 L325 dual-core processors
  • Direct Connect Architecture for leading-edge performance
  • HyperTransport™ technology helps boost overall system performance
  • AMD Digital Media Xpress™ technology
  • Simultaneous 32- and 64-bit performance
  • Enhanced Virus Protection to help increase the reliability of your network-connected applications.*