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 AMD Opteron™ X1100 Series Processors

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Redefine what your data center can do

AMD Opteron X1100 Series processors deliver low-power, high-performance x86 server-class SoCs optimized to help dramatically reduce data center TCO.

  • TDP as low as 9W1
  • Ideal for Web hosting


4 Energy Efficient X86 Cores, Codenamed "Jaguar"Optimize x86 performance/watt for microservers.Helps enable low datacenter TCO
Flexible TDPAllows user to control their own power profile by adjusting CPU and GPU frequencies in the BIOS to match their application needs (GPU integrated in X2150 only)Gives users more control over their workload performance and power consumption
Integrated I/OIntegrates legacy Northbridge and Southbridge functionality directly on the processorSmaller footprint enables dense microserver designs
Core, Northbridge and Memory P-statesDynamically adjusts performance levels based on application requirementsHelps reduce power consumption


Server Infrastructure support


DDR3 Memory with ECC SupportHigh-speed, highly reliable server-class memoryHelps reduce server failures due to memory.
Integrated I/OIntegrate PCIe Gen2, SATA 2/3, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 functionality onto the processor.Enable enterprise-class functionality in a single chip solution.
Server Processor ReliabilityProcessor undergoes a back-end test flow to ensure proper qualityEnsure product quality is that of other server-class products for greater reliability.


AMD Opteron X1100 Series Processors

Model NumberCore CountCore FrequencyNorthbridge FrequencyPower BandMax DDR3 speedL2 Cache
X115041.0-2.0 GHz800 MHz9W-17W1600 MHz2M