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 Media & Entertainment

AMD FirePro™ Workstation Graphics Solutions

Optimized & Certified for Media & Entertainment Workflows



AMD FirePro workstation graphics cards are optimized and certified for many major Media & Entertainment (M&E) applications, including Autodesk® Maya®, Motionbuilder®, Softimage® and 3ds Max® among others.

AMD FirePro technology delivers industry-leading graphics quality and exceptional app responsiveness to M&E professionals using locally installed software for their creative designs, animations and video editing projects.

AMD FirePro™ W7000

High Performance & Visual Quality for the Budget-Conscious Pro

  • 2D/3D design & asset creation
  • Video editing & color correction
  • Animation, modeling & rendering

AMD FirePro™ W8100

Best-in-Class GPU Compute*

  • Massive 3D asset creation
  • Digital workflows & color correction
  • Complex visual effects & compositing

AMD FirePro™ W9100

Category-Leading Memory and Compute Performance

  • 4K multi-monitor workflows
  • Real-time video editing, effects and color correction
  • Manipulating massive data sets and assemblies in real-time