Material Issues

AMD periodically conducts and reviews “materiality assessments” that aim to align corporate responsibility goals with AMD’s business objectives. Our cross-functional Corporate Responsibility Council conducted the most recent review in 2013, and all four existing material issues were considered still relevant. The table below shows the current list of key issues and progress to date.

Issue Definition 2013 Update
Product energy efficiency and solutions........... Increasing the energy efficiency of AMD products and producing technologies that enable our customers to improve their own energy efficiency and achieve their climate change goals.
Increasing access to technology....... Developing the products and programs that increase access to digital technology in emerging and developing world markets.

AMD expanded our presence in Latin America and expanded our signature education program, AMD Changing the Game, into Latin America.  We also document beneficial uses of our technology in different parts of the world.  See AMD Technology Enabling Today, Inspiring Tomorrow.

Supply chain responsibility... Improving processes to ensure the management of labor, health & safety, ethics and environmental risks in AMD's supply chain conforms to our expectations. This includes programs to identify the source of any "conflict minerals and eliminate any that are not "conflict-free."

AMD continued our leadership in eliminating the link between the trade in minerals and conflict in Central Africa. We also made substantial progress in integrating corporate responsibility into supplier relationships. See Supplier Responsibility