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 AMD Technology: Enabling A Better World


AMD Technology: Enabling Today, Inspiring Tomorrow

For more information, download the AMD Technology: Enabling Today, Inspiring Tomorrow section of our 2013/2014 Annual Corporate Responsibility Report.

AMD technology is being used to help address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. From helping scientists advance research in healthcare and climate change, to optimizing clean energy technologies, to creating “green” data centers powering cloud computing, AMD employees and the technology we produce are helping to make the world a better place.


Walking the Walk – AMD’s private cloud: In 2013, AMD completed one of the world’s largest private clouds for R&D. By deploying the latest in cloud, open-source software and hardware updates, we were able to reduce the number of data centers the company utilized by 75%. The project reduced electricity use by over 10 gigawatt hours resulting in an estimated annual savings of $730K. In addition to the electricity savings, the consolidated systems increased productivity and efficiencies for AMD engineers creating the next generation products.


Uttar Pradesh, India: PC ownership can have a significant socio-economic impact on a country and its people. In India, only 10% of households are equipped with PCs.1 To help reduce the digital divide, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) state government is providing 1.5 million HP notebooks powered by AMD APU technology to eligible students in the region. Distribution began in 2013 and the project has led to HP supporting 1,400 jobs and investments in the set-up and management of over 300 service centers in the state.

The Environmental School Project: The Environmental School Project in British Columbia, Canada has a revolutionary approach to teaching—one that doesn’t rely on desks, chairs, blackboards or even a classroom. The concept is called place-based education in which learning is experiential and happens in context. Computers have to provide rugged performance and power efficiency with long battery life per charge, features critical for an outdoor environment and limited access to power outlets. The school’s choice was the HP 3115m notebook featuring an AMD Dual-Core 4 E-3005 APU and an AMD Radeon™ HD 6310M GPU. Read the case study here.


Dental Assistance Devices – 3D Virtualization: Dental practices are transitioning from conventional 2D X-ray film to sleek, chair-side monitors that provide 360 degree visualization and other advanced graphics-driven capabilities at the touch of a screen. These devices can enhance care and streamline processes at every stage of a patient visit, with procedural prompts for dental assistants, intraoral cameras for detailed images and access to patient data in real time. Read the White Lion Technologies case study at mdmag.com.