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​​​​​​​Introducing AMD Ryzen™ Processors


AMD has created a processor product and brand in AMD Ryzen™ that expresses the power and efficiency of the all-new high-performance and highly efficient “Zen” x86 core. Multiple architectural advances combined with platform and processing technologies propel users to the next horizon of computing.

AMD Ryzen processors will enable the digital creators, VR pioneers, game world explorers, and tech thrill-seekers. Those determined to imagine, code, and conquer without boundaries in the immersive computing era.

Watch the New Horizon livestream replay now and see compelling AMD Ryzen processor demos.​

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AMD Showcases High-Performance Ecosystem Ready for Ryzen™​

AMD today wowed CES audiences with 16 cutting-edge high-performance AM4 motherboards from five manufacturers. In addition, AMD exhibited Ryzen processor-based “extreme performance” PC designs from 17 top system integrators across the globe as well as innovative third-party CPU cooler designs, demonstrating a ready and robust ecosystem for Ryzen CPUs.​

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ASRock motherboard 
BioStar motherboard 
Corsair Cooler 
Gigabyte motherboard 
MSI motherboard 
Noctua Cooler 

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​Try Out the Ryzen Blender Demo for Yourself.

  1. Check system requirements to see if your system can run Blender.
    If your system meets the requirements:
  2. Download and instal Blender (Version Blender 2.78a 64bit installer)
  3. Download the Ryzen Blender Demo file
  4. ​​​Run Blender
  5. Load the file by selecting File>Open at the top left of the application, and navigate to the RyzenGrap​hic_27.blend file you downloaded in the above step. Double-click this file to load it into Blender.
  6. On the right-hand palette, make sure the camera icon (render palate) is selected. Below it in the Sampling section, make sure Samples: Render is set to 150.
  7. Render the image by selecting Render>Render at the top left of the application. Wait for the image render to finish up.
  8. The time to render will be listed at the top left, under the file menu.

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AMD Showcases High-Performance Ecosystem Ready for Ryzen™ Including PCs and AM4 Motherboards from Technology Partners

AMD Takes Computing to a New Horizon with Ryzen™ Processors

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