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 25x20 Energy Efficiency Initiative

25 times more energy efficiency by 2020

Our goal is to deliver at least 25 times more energy efficiency by the year 2020 with our Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), working with our customers to reduce the power consumption and environmental footprint of technology while relentlessly improving performance.

Developing energy efficient processors has long been a design focus at AMD. In fact, AMD improved the typical use energy efficiency of our mobile processors by 10x from 2009 to 2014.1,2 And our latest mobile processor – the 6th Generation A-Series APU (codenamed “Carrizo”) – delivers energy efficiency ahead of the projected trend line for achieving our 25x20 goal.

50 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions for users

Our commitment to energy efficiency gains, sustainability, and lower operating costs continues to deliver breakthrough results for consumers and enterprises. AMD’s carbon footprint study shows that using the 6th Generation A-Series APU, codenamed “Carrizo,” can result in a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous generation APU, while more than doubling battery life and performance per watt.3-5

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Why Energy Efficiency Matters to Enterprises

Heterogeneous computing

The AMD APU – which combines central (serial) processing and graphics (parallel) processing onto a single chip – is the primary innovation driving this goal. Our APU technology is designed to harness the processing capabilities of heterogeneous design to do more computing with less energy by enabling the seamless shift of computing workloads to the optimal processing component – all of which helps improve performance and use less power. It achieves this through optimizing connections between discrete chips and reduces computing cycles by treating the CPU and GPU as peers.