AMD Start Now Technology


​​Get back to work and play quickly


Start Now Technology icon​​​What look​s like a PC but acts like a tablet or a smartphone? It’s your PC with AMD Start Now technology.1 How’s that, you wonder? Simply put: AMD Start Now gives select AMD-based PCs the responsiveness and convenient connectivity of a tablet or a smartphone. No more sitting around, tapping your foot and waiting for your computer to boot up – your computer quickly goes from sleep to on, and from ​on to online.

But that’s not all – with the latest intelligent sleep functionality, your PC monitors your usage to predict optimal sleep and resume times intended to give you the best balance between responsiveness and battery life. So you can have a smart PC.

From sleep to wake and back again in a snap

AMD Start Now technology delivers responsiveness similar to a tablet or smartphone, by taking you from sleep to wake mode in about two seconds.2 When the screen is on, you have access to the full power and capabilities of your PC. When you’re away, your PC uses sleep and hibernation modes to conserve energy without having to shut down all your programs and work. This allows you to get back to work or play as soon as you return.

Near instant boot time

“Instant on” gives you the ability to boot to Windows desktop quickly, enabling you to access the Web or get back to a specific application without having to wait for your PC’s traditional operating system to launch.3

Get online in no time

As soon as your PC wakes up, your system can quickly synchronize applications such as email and Web browsers, giving you a near instant connection to the Internet.

Change power modes when you need it

Intelligent sleep functionality allows your Windows 8 PC to react to your usage patterns and to proactively place your computer into different modes, enabling outstanding responsiveness while preserving  battery life. If it predicts frequent on-off usage within a short duration, your PC goes into sleep mode – a low power state in between active and hibernation mode. If it predicts a longer off-time, your system goes into hibernation mode for fantastic power efficiency. It also helps predict when you will return and puts the system back into sleep mode before you start the system to shorten your resume time.

Smart energy use

With AMD’s innovations in power technology, you don’t have to compromise. They are designed for more intelligent use of high and low power settings to give your system responsiveness that enables long battery life.


Works with laptops and desktops

AMD Start Now technology is designed to give you better responsiveness, connectivity and energy efficiency for select computers of many shapes and sizes – from desktops and all-in-ones to laptops and ultrathin laptops.