The Abbot’s Book



​1680, Vicenza, Italy. Explore the ruins of an ancient religion that riddle the catacombs beneath a noble estate, where the shadow of a forgotten god has awakened to haunt the dreams of men. A dark tale in the classic, gothic tradition, The Abbot’s Book traces the lives of four generations of a family cursed by the corrupting influence of a mysterious book.

Produced by the award-winning visual effects veterans of Blackthorn Media, The Abbot’s Book promises to lead the VR world well beyond the short vignettes of most current VR offerings!


  • Discover Virtual Reality beyond imagination with this HTC Vive exclusive! Brought to you by HTC and Valve, Vive is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality system optimized for Radeon graphics like the VR-ready Radeon™ RX 480 graphics card
  • A fully immersive VR narrative in eight episodes – epic, groundbreaking transmedia storytelling with deep story, spectacular environments, and plots full of intrigue, pathos, shadows and mystery
  • A New Frontier at Sundance Institute 2016 selection
  • “The Vive's motion tracking makes exploration feel more intimate than usual.”
    Adi Roertson, The Verge
  • “Everything we do is in service to great storytelling,” says Writer and Director Michael Conelly, “We think VR is here to stay, and we’re committed to our vision of what the medium can be.”

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