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​Optimized gaming. Always.

Radeon™ is Gaming.  And if it can game, imagine what else it can do! AMD’s incredible innovations in graphics and sound processing – based on their revolutionary APU technology -- bring games to life.

AMD LiquidVR™ technology

AMD’s pioneering technology transforms VR into an experience that’s virtually unbeatable

AMD accelerated processing units (APUs)

By combining graphics and processing power on a single chip, AMD APUs enable lightweight, power-efficient PCs that deliver a superior visual experience

AMP technology

Designed to give you the most seamless control of your AMP-enabled memory module at your fingertips

Radeon Software Crimson Edition

Introducing Radeon Software Crimson Edition – for a redesigned, refined, supercharged new download experience.

AMD Crossfire™ technology

Harness the power of multiple GPUs for extreme, high definition gaming and 3D image quality1

AMD Radeon™ dual graphics

Push graphics and gaming performance to the extreme2

AMD Eyefinity technology

Multidisplay technology for the ultimate panoramic computing experience3

AMD Gaming Evolved Client powered by Raptr

Get the latest drivers without having to look for them

AMD FreeSync™ technology

What gamers have been waiting for – a solution that eliminates screen tear without the usual lag and latency

​GCN architecture

AMD’s radical, new architecture underlies the world’s most advanced and versatile GPUs

AMD HD3D technology

Experience the third dimension with stereo 3D-capable PCs4

Frame Rate Target Control

Limiting the frame rate not only saves power, but also heat and noise, keeping your GPU cool and quiet.

Mantle technology

The software component that makes it easy to apply programming techniques and optimizations written for consoles to PCs with GCN architecture

AMD Overdrive™ technology

AMD OverDrive technology gives you unprecedented control over your processor, memory and chipset to push the performance envelope further than ever before

TressFX Hair

Get incredibly realistic detail with the world's first real-time hair physics system

AMD TrueAudio technology

With the sonic brilliance of AMD TrueAudio technology, your games now sound as good as they look5​

Virtual Super Resolution

Get quality that rivals up to 4K, even on a 1080p display while playing your favorite games​