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 Supermicro Optimizes Full Line of AMD-based Server, Blade, and Workstations for New Six-Core Processors

New 2U Twin2 (“Twin Squared”) with 48 Cores, 1U Twin and Quad Servers with 24 Cores Optimized for Six-Core AMD OpteronTM Processors
SAN JOSE, Calif. 6/1/2009

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a leader in application-optimized, high performance server solutions, today announced that its full range of A+ Server, SuperBlade® and workstation platforms have been fully optimized to support the new Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processors (code-named Istanbul). This comprehensive line of solutions includes the new 2U Twin2 with four hot-swappable dual-processor computing nodes which supports up to 48 processing cores, as well as 1U Twin™ and quad-processor 1U servers which support up to 24 processing cores in a 1U form factor.

“Our six-core A+ solutions deliver great value to customers in all segments of the server, blade and workstation marketplace,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “With a comprehensive selection of high-quality Server Building Block Solutions® to choose from, Supermicro offers truly application-optimized platforms. The leading system-level power efficiency of our cutting-edge server designs enables us to offer earth-friendly solutions with exceptional performance-per-watt capabilities that empower customers to grow, adapt and scale as their business demands evolve.”

“With their continued support of AMD64 technology, Supermicro is supplying the channel with innovative, high-end solutions that deliver the cost and power efficiencies customers need most,” said Patrick Patla, Vice President and General Manager, Server and Workstation division, AMD (NYSE: AMD). “AMD’s industry-defining multi-core technology and Direct Connect Architecture enable superior overall system performance and efficiency, addressing the compute-intensive demands of the high-performance market.”

In addition to the many performance enhancements in Six-Core AMD Opteron processors, Supermicro offers Six-Core A+ solutions with the following high-performance design features:

  • 2U Twin2 designs: Provide four hot-plug DP nodes, up to 256GB memory, 12 hot-swap 3.5” drives, optional 20Gb/s InfiniBand and redundant power
  • 1U Twin designs: Provide two DP nodes, up to 128GB memory and optional InfiniBand
  • Universal I/O designs: Provide flexible I/O customization and investment protection
  • High memory capacity: 16 DIMM and 32 DIMM models with high capacity memory support to dramatically improve memory and virtualization performance
  • Dual Hyper-Transport™ technology link designs: Superior system bandwidth and performance
  • Hyper-Transport Extension connector design: Helps to enlarge product support scope with Hyper-Transport connection devices
  • High-efficiency VRMs: Save energy and reduce electricity costs
  • High-efficiency power supplies: Further increases overall system power savings
  • Up to 10 quad-processor (MP) or dual-processor (DP) Blades in a 7U enclosure: Industry-leading density and power efficiency with up to 240 processor cores and 640GB memory per 7U enclosure

The full range of Six-Core Supemicro A+ solutions includes both DP and MP servers and workstations in 1U, 2U, 4U, tower, and blade form factors. For more detailed information on Supermicro’s Istanbul solutions, please visit www.supermicro.com/Istanbul/.

Supermicro Server Building Block Solutions® offer exceptional flexibility and feature advantages. For more information on Supermicro’s complete line of server, workstation and blade solutions go to www.supermicro.com.

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Supermicro emphasizes superior product design and uncompromising quality control to produce industry-leading serverboards, chassis and server systems. These Server Building Block Solutions provide benefits across many environments, including data center deployment, high-performance computing, high-end workstations, storage networks and standalone server installations. For more information on Supermicro’s complete line of advanced motherboards, servers, and optimized chassis, visit www.supermicro.com, email Marketing@supermicro.com or call the San Jose, CA headquarters at +1 408-503-8000.