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 AMD Geode™ CS5536 Companion Device


Optimized to give designers powerful development tools for low-power, high-performance embedded x86 products.

The AMD Geode™ CS5536 companion device works with the AMD Geode™ LX700@0.8W processor and the LX 800@0.9W processor* to create today’s leading high-performance, low-power x86 solution for embedded applications. The companion device features internal data speeds above 1 GB/second, highly versatile internal power management, and communicates with the AMD Geode LX 800@0.9W processor – or other integrated processor North Bridge components – over a 33/66 MHz PCI bus.

The AMD Geode CS5536 companion device is optimized to work with the AMD Geode LX 800@0.9W processor to deliver an integrated solution with the highest power/performance ratio available in the industry today. This combination gives designers a complete processing solution for developing a variety of end-user devices that require high-performance x86-based processing and low power usage.

Latest features supported

The companion device supports USB 2.0, the latest version of the USB standard. Features also include integrated controllers for:

  • Audio
  • IDE Hard disk drive
  • Interface with ATA-6 support
  • ACPI and APM Power management
  • USB Device Mode Support on one port

All devices are based on the innovative GeodeLink™ architecture. The device also supports USB Device Mode on one port.

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