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 AMD Simplified: Virtual Reality

​See the part AMD plays in powering truly immersive and lifelike digital experiences.

 AMD Simplified: Asynchronous Shaders

​Learn more about how the Asynchronous Compute Engines in AMD’s Graphics Core Next GPU architecture can benefit you.

 AMD Simplified: AMD FreeSync™ Technology

​AMD FreeSync™ Technology solves two age-old problems faced by PC gamers: stuttering and tearing. Learn what these are and how AMD FreeSync™ Technology fixes them in this fast primer!

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 Winning DirectX® 12 Performance

​Read about how AMD enables incredible DirectX® 12 performance in new 3DMark® API Overhead Feature Test.


 Major New Features of DirectX®12

​Read about the top new features of DirectX® 12 from our expert, Robert Hallock.


 Is a Virtual Tipping Point Near?

​Read about virtual reality in this interesting article in the Washington Post.