Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 Workstation Graphics

Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 Workstation Graphics

​World’s Fastest Low-Profile Workstation Graphics Card1

Content creation has evolved over the past ten years, and so have the demands of the designers and creators. CAD professionals want flexible, sleek, and quiet small form-factor workstations. Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 delivers the performance and reliability workstation users need to get their job done.



​Great Performance in a Small Form Factor

Purpose-built for CAD professionals, the Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 graphics card is the world’s fastest low-profile workstation graphics solution available today1, delivering up to 2.4 TFLOPS of compute performance. Based on 14nm FinFET technology, the Radeon Pro WX 4100 GPU contains the latest innovations found in the state-of-the-art Polaris GPU architecture.

Planned ISV Certifications

The Radeon Pro certification team is working diligently with our ISV partners to ensure certification on many of the popular applications that are being used in the Design and Manufacturing spaces, making certain that the Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 graphics card is properly supported on key applications so you can have a hassle-free experience.

Quality You Can Trust

Radeon™ Pro WX is the embodiment of innovation and design within the Radeon Technologies Group. Great care is taken into crafting each product to ensure quality and reliability are at the highest of standards. We are proud to stand behind our three year limited warranty (see details at www.amd.com/Warranty) and optional seven year extended limited warranty also available (see details and requirements at www.amd.com/ExtendedWarranty).


Radeon Pro WX 4100
​GPU Architecture ​GCN 4th Generation
​Stream Processors ​1024
​Peak Performance 2.4 TFLOPS
​Peak Triangles ​2.4 BT/s
​Peak Engine Clock ​1201 MHz
​Typical Engine Clock ​1125 MHz
​Memory Type ​ 4 GB GDDR5
​Memory Interface ​128 bit
​Memory Data Rate/ Bandwidth 6​ Gbps / 96 GB/s
​Typical Board Power ​50 W
​AMD FreeSync™ Technology ​Yes
​AMD CrossFire™ Pro Technology ​No
​Display Output Connectors ​mDP-mDP-mDP-mDP
​DisplayPort Version ​1.4 - HDR Ready4
​5K Support @ 60Hz 1x 5K Monitor (single or dual cable)
​Display Color Depth ​10-bit Support
​Stereo 3D Output (3-pin DIN) ​No
​Framelock/Genlock support ​No
​API Support ​DirectX ®12
OpenGL® 4.5
OpenCL™ 2.0
Vulkan™ 1.0
​Operating System Support ​Windows® 7 64-bit
Windows® 10 64-bit
Linux® 64-bit
​Form Factor Low Profile
Single Slot
6.6” Length



​4th Generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU Architecture​The Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 graphics card is based on the fourth-generation of Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture and, like its predecessor, can perform graphic and arithmetic instructions in parallel.
​4K/5K Display Support​Drive a single, 5K (5120x2880 pixel resolution) display, or up to four, 4K displays on the Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 graphics card.
​10-bit Color​Native support for 10-bits per color channel for color-critical tasks. Driving an effective 30-bits per pixel, the Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 is great for any workload requiring that level of detail and color precision.
​HDR Ready​High dynamic range (HDR) capability enables visuals that closely match what is familiar to the human eye2.
​4GB GDDR5 Memory​Allow users to work at extreme levels of speed and responsiveness. With a 128-bit memory interface, users can load massive assemblies and data sets and manipulate them in real time.
​Up to 2.4 TFLOPS peak single-precision floating point performance​Helps speed up time required to complete single precision operations used within Video Effects and Rendering, Signal Processing, Transcoding and Digital Rendering applications where high performance takes precedence.
​DirectGMA and SDI Support​Removes CPU bandwidth and latency bottlenecks, and optimizes communication between GPUs within a system and third party devices like SDI I/O cards. DirectGMA bypasses any need to traverse the host’s main memory, reducing CPU utilization, avoiding redundant bus transfers, and resulting in high throughput, low latency data transfers.
​4K Accelerated Encode/Decode​Multi-stream hardware H.265 HD encode/decode for power-efficient and quick video encoding and playback5.
​Energy Efficient Design​Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 graphics card supports unique power monitoring and management technologies, and has a maximum power consumption of 50 watts. AMD PowerTune technology dynamically optimizes GPU power usage and AMD ZeroCore Power technology significantly reduces power consumption at idle3.



Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 Workstation Graphics Data Sheet

World’s Fastest Low-Profile Workstation Graphics Card1

Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 Workstation Graphics Data Sheet