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Get outstanding performance, best-in-class gaming, and amazing value with multicore desktop processors from AMD.

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Whether you’re building or buying a desktop system, AMD has the processor that’s right for you. Run your online games and demanding applications seamlessly with the combined power of premium AMD Radeon™ graphics and multicore CPU technology on the new AMD A-series accelerated processing units (APUs).

Turn your system into a multimedia and productivity powerhouse with up to eight cores of unrestrained, overclockable1 power on AMD FX series CPUs. And don’t break the bank with the affordable AMD Athlon™ and Sempron™ APUs.

APU or CPU: What’s the difference?

AMD pioneered APUs, combining our Radeon™ graphics and CPU technologies on a single chip. APUs apply graphics resources to processing tasks – so your optimized applications can run faster. You also get outstanding visual performance in online games and improved energy efficiency in a small, sleek form factor.

With AMD CPUs, you have the flexibility to choose the best discrete graphics card for you. CPUs offer proven performance, control, and reliability, with up to eight cores for outstanding performance and clock speeds of up to 5 GHz – the highest available on a desktop CPU2.

AMD APUs With Built-In Radeon Graphics
AMD CPUs Discrete Graphics Card Required

This is FXing Serious.​

​​​8 unlocked cores for extreme gaming and serious overclocking.​

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