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 AMD PRO A-Series APUs

​​​​Unlock Performance for Business

AMD unlocks the computing performance of business-class PCs with revolutionary HSA architecture powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it and flexible enough to integrate seamlessly into an existing IT environment.

Revolutionary architecture, pure performance

AMD's revolutionary new 2014 PRO A-Series APUs are engineered to unlock the full compute capability of business-class PCs. By empowering both the APU and CPU to work in harmony, AMD delivers new levels of performance, online collaboration and productivity – plus the best graphics and sound experience available for your end users.

Virtualization, security, and manageability tools that won't lock you in

Integrated virtualization support, manageability features and robust silicon-level security are designed into every AMD 2014 A-Series PRO APU. And we build on industry-leading open standards so you can choose what's best for your business, rather than being locked in by proprietary solutions.

The smarter IT spend

Outstanding performance for business, advanced video productivity, seamless connectivity and enhanced power management combined with 24-month lifecycles, 18-month image stability, low acquisition and operational costs give you long-term value you can depend on.


2014 AMD A-Series APUs
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HP Elite Products powered by AMD


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The HP Elite 700 Series notebook and desktop PCs, powered by AMD PRO A‐series processors, are designed to support your thriving business. Run apps, edit documents, video conference and surf the Web all at once without slowing down.