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 AMD PRO Performance

​​​Next generation performance now

AMD unlocks the computing performance of business-class PCs with graphics and compute processing powerful enough to handle the most demanding workloads today – and in the future.

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Watch side-by-side competition against real life notebooks.​


AMD A6 APU against Intel i3


AMD A8 APU against Intel i3


AMD A10 APU against Intel i5

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​Optimal Performance for Business

Online presentations. Video conferencing. Modern business apps. Data visualization. They all require smooth, virtually uninterrupted visual and audio performance. AMD PRO A-series APUs deliver unmatched graphics and compute processing experiences on top of the features you need and expect, without a premium price tag.

Boost Productivity: Get more done in less time with lightning-fast multitasking powered by the new AMD 2014 PRO A10 APU with up to 12 compute cores (up to 4 CPU cores + 8 GPU cores1) featuring Radeon graphics.

Energy Efficiency: AMD Turbo Core technology boosts notebook and desktop PC performance when you need it, and helps save energy and battery cost when you don’t2.

Virtually uninterrupted streaming: Run productive meetings with virtually uninterrupted online collaboration and visual communications with up to 52% better visual performance and up to 53% better compute performance over previous generation notebooks3.

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AMD Pro A-Series chip 

Innovative Architecture, Pure Performance

The AMD PRO A-series APU combines the most advanced technologies on a single chip for a revolutionary computing experience: exceptional graphics, up to 12 compute cores¹, and a highly responsive system. Our latest APUs deliver over 800 gigaflops of compute power. That’s serious pro-level processing for seamless performance, online collaboration, and productivity.

Compute Cores Explained



​Benchmarks prove AMD offers superior value, accelerated graphics and compute processing

AMD Delivers Better Performance for Notebooks

  • AMD PRO A8 delivers up to 1.4X the graphics performance of “Haswell U” Core i54
  • AMD PRO A8 delivers up to 1.1X the productivity performance of “Haswell U” Core i55
  • AMD PRO A8 delivers up to 1.5X the compute performance of “Hasell U” Core i56


AMD Pro notebook benchmarks 

AMD Delivers Better Performance for Desktops

  • Up to 1.9X the graphics performance A10 vs. Core i57 and A8 vs. Core i38
  • Nearly 2X the compute performance A10 vs. Core i59 and A8 vs. Core i310


AMD Pro desktop benchmarks 

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