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 AMD and Microsoft

Bring an immersive experience to your PC

Fast, fluid computing capability with Windows 8.1 and AMD APUs

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AMD processor products
Eyefinity monitor configuration

AMD Radeon™ graphics with support for DirectX® 11

AMD A-Series processors and AMD Radeon graphics accelerate new generations of productivity and entertainment software unleashed by Windows 8. Unlock the full potential of your Windows experience.

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Microsoft Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox One leverages a single-chip, semi-custom AMD APU, with custom components co-developed with Microsoft designed to enable unique attributes of the system.

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Screen share between computer, tablet and phone

​AMD Wireless Display – Share It Across Screens Instantly

Windows 8.1 includes built-in support for AMD Wireless Display, a convenient, new technology that allows you to play your games, videos and share photos on your TV and other wireless devices without having to connect them or hook them up to a router. Instantly share your content over the air and see it all in vivid HD and virtually stutter-free quality.1

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