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 ARM 2014


With the rise of cloud computing and an explosion of data, today’s data center is rapidly changing, and purpose-built platforms will be the key to success.




ARM Development Kit

AMD is now accepting applications for the AMD Opteron™ A1100 Series 64-bit ARM Developers kit, which supports the RedHat ARM Partner Early Access Program for software and hardware developers as well as early adopters in large datacenters. The development kit provides the hardware and software needed to begin application development and evaluate AMD Opteron A1100 Series processors. Complete developer kits are available for $2,999 USD. Apply below to become an early adopter of this game-changing technology.

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The Best of Both Worlds

The AMD Opteron™ A-Series processor eliminates the need for a trade-off between performance and compute capacity, delivering an optimal balance of performance and power.

A Vibrant Ecosystem

From silicon to software, the ARM ecosystem is thriving, generating new solutions and efficiencies that enable your IT organization to quickly deliver products and services.

AMD – The Only Choice

We are the only company to support both x86 and ARM for all of your data center needs. With a decade of data center experience and a history of firsts in server technology, we are your trusted partner.