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 ARM 2014


With the rise of cloud computing and an explosion of data, today’s data center is rapidly changing, and purpose-built platforms will be the key to success.




ARM Development Kit

The AMD Opteron™ A-Series 64-bit ARM Development Platform is designed to help enable a robust 64-bit ARM ecosystem for a broad range of web-tier workloads, big-data applications and storage systems which are the foundation of the cloud. The development kit provides the hardware and software needed to begin application development and evaluate AMD Opteron A-Series processors. Make sure your enterprise is evolving to meet the needs of the new datacenter by becoming an early adopter of this game-changing technology.

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AMD announces plans to sample 64-bit ARM Opteron A "Seattle" processors


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AMD to Accelerate the ARM Server Ecosystem with the First ARM-based CPU and Development Platform from a Server Processor Vendor


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The Best of Both Worlds

The AMD Opteron™ A-Series processor eliminates the need for a trade-off between performance and compute capacity, delivering an optimal balance of performance and power.

A Vibrant Ecosystem

From silicon to software, the ARM ecosystem is thriving, generating new solutions and efficiencies that enable your IT organization to quickly deliver products and services.

AMD – The Only Choice

We are the only company to support both x86 and ARM for all of your data center needs. With a decade of data center experience and a history of firsts in server technology, we are your trusted partner.