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Dr. Lisa Su

President and Chief Executive Officer

“AMD is at our best when we are taking bold, calculated risks and aggressively pursuing the leading-edge technologies that change the world.”

As President and CEO of AMD, Lisa Su is driven by one simple goal: ensure that the brightest engineering minds who call AMD home are focused on developing high-performance compute, graphics, and visualization technologies that will change the world.  

By age 10, Lisa developed a taste for engineering by taking apart and fixing her brother’s remote control cars to see how they worked. However, during her freshman year at MIT in 1986 when she took a position as an undergrad research assistant manufacturing test silicon wafers for graduate students, she came to truly understand the power and potential of semiconductors. She focused her remaining education, including a masters and doctorate from MIT, on understanding and advancing state-of-the-art semiconductor device technologies. It was during this period when Lisa began to see a future defined by semiconductors becoming intertwined with nearly every aspect of daily life.

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