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 CEO Statement


Message from our President and CEO, Rory Read

Over the past few years AMD has been undergoing a complete transformation of our business. I’m proud to share that in 2013, we made significant progress in bringing AMD closer to our mission of becoming the leading designer and integrator of innovative, tailored technology solutions that empower people to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Throughout our transformation, AMD’s commitment to corporate responsibility has remained unwavering. We care deeply about our people and our planet, and these values are woven into everything we do. We call this “The AMD Way,” and it is the catalyst driving our approach.

This approach isn’t just a moral imperative for AMD; it’s a key business differentiator. We know that:

  • How we run our business is just as important as the innovative products we deliver;
  • Our employees are motivated and inspired by contributing to social and environmental causes; and
  • Our AMD investors are deeply committed to these issues, as well.

Corporate responsibility is at the core of AMD’s culture. I am proud that AMD has been a leader in this area for many years now and we continue that tradition with the accomplishments you will find in this report.

AMD is a different company today. We are stronger, and are building a business model to carry us into the future. We will continue to take steps to transform into a more predictable and balanced business. I am confident that we will deliver. In this report you can read about how our responsibility efforts are evolving and supporting our mission.

Rory Read
President and AMD CEO