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 AMD in the Community

AMD donates time, technology, and money to strengthening worldwide communities where we live and work. Our company and employees contribute significantly to these efforts, through volunteerism and donations.

AMD Volunteerism & Philanthropy

For more than 30 years, AMD has invested money, time, and technology in organizations that help strengthen communities worldwide. Additionally, our employees continue to make their communities a better place by donating their time, talent, and money to charitable causes. Since 1995, AMD employees have contributed $16.4 million and have performed more than 180,000 hours of volunteer service.
2014 marked the five year anniversary of AMD Global Volunteer Month. This month long campaign encourages AMD employees to support their communities through company-sponsored volunteer activities. During this month, more than 600 employees from 15 sites recorded 1,798 hours of volunteer service beautifying streets, planting trees, building homes, mentoring students, providing meals to the elderly and homeless, visiting orphanages, and donating food, clothing, and money to organizations across the globe.

Changing the Game

AMD Changing the Game, funded by the AMD Foundation, fosters collaboration between schools, private industry, NGOs, and other organizations to advance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in new and innovative ways. The program inspires youth to learn STEM skills and experience STEM careers through the creation of socially responsible video games. Through the process of making games, students learn problem solving, critical thinking, language skills, and teamwork. AMD Changing the Game has been implemented in seven regions around the world, including United States, China, Malaysia, Canada, Europe, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil and has reached over 227,000 students.
In 2014, AMD collaborated with Microsoft Studios and Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Canada to host summer game design workshops designed to teach youth how to create games about environmental protection. The students were guided through a hands-on tutorial where they learned the basics of game design and computer programming. AMD employees provided training and served as mentors, facilitators, and testers providing valuable feedback on ways to improve the games.  Forty-three employees volunteered over 350 hours in these events.
“Working with the kids was amazing. You see firsthand the synapses firing in their young brains, connections being made, and the sense of accomplishment when they realize they just created this world of their own vision within the Project Spark environment.” – Hector Lanza, Sr. Engineer, Global Infrastructure and IT Services.