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 AMD Volunteerism

AMD Community Corp 

AMD helps empower people to live more productive lives, not only through the power of its products, but also through the power of its employee volunteers, the AMD Community Corps. Every year, hundreds of AMD employees give their time and talents to help improve the community where they live and work.

AMD launched AMD Community Corps Connect in 2011, an interactive employee volunteerism and giving website. Employees have the opportunity to connect and network with fellow AMD employees as they join in on company sponsored opportunities or ones of their own making.

  2010 2011 20122013 ​2014
Volunteer hours12101126937734​1185​1331
Number of volunteers1573153412029043​​9208
Number of AMD sponsored events197253196​146​119

All volunteer data is from AMD Community Affairs Global Summary 2010-2014.

AMD Cares Day of Service

AMD hosted its first annual AMD Cares Day of Service in September of 2015.

Employees from Singapore to Sunnyvale and points in between came together to support their communities through volunteer projects. On this day nearly 1,200 employees from 17 global sites volunteered over 3,500 hours for causes that benefitted 48 nonprofit organizations.

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