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 Trademark Information

Trademark ownership must be designated for the following trademarks. The format is “(trademark) is a trademark (or registered trademark) of (company name).”

(The word “registered” is not always applicable – see list below for appropriate type of attribution)


3DNow!™Advanced Micro DevicesAGESA™
All-in-Wonder™ AMDAMD-8132™
AMD-8151™ AMD AllDay™AMD and AMD Arrow logo
AMD Arrow logo AMD Athlon™ AMD Catalyst™
AMD Catalyst™ A.I.AMD Catalyst™ Control CenterAMD Changing The Game℠
AMD CoolCore™ AMD CrossFire™ AMD Enduro™
AMD FireGL™AMD FireMV™AMD FirePro™
AMD FireStream™AMD FX™AMD Geode™
AMD HyperMemory™AMD LIVE!™ AMD Mobility Radeon™
AMD Multimedia Center™AMD Opteron™ AMD OverDrive™
AMD Phenom™ AMD PowerNow!™ AMD PowerPlay™
AMD PowerXpress™AMD Radeon™AMD Radeon™ Xpress
AMD Sempron™ AMD SimFire™AMD Turion™
AMD TV Wonder™AMD Virtualization™AMD XGP™
AMD64 logoAMD-V™Athlon™
ATI™ATI & DesignCatalyst™
Catalyst Media Center™Catalyst™ Control CenterCool'n'Quiet™
ES1000™Fire™ FireStream™
GeodeLink™HydraVision™It's At Our Core™
Magic Packet™NetPHY™Opteron™
Remote Wonder™Remote Wonder™ IIRemote Wonder™ Plus
Ruby™SeaMicro™SeaMicro Freedom™ Fabric Storage
SeaMicro IOVT™Sempron™SimNow™
SM 10000™SM 15000™SurroundView™
The Ultimate Visual Experience™Theater™TIO™