AMD Secure Technology

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​Ultimate protection for AMD products

With the growth of mobile devices and cloud services, the computer industry is rapidly changing, and threats to your privacy and security are growing ever more diverse and sophisticated. Does your security technology have what it takes to keep you protected? Anti-virus protection alone is no longer enough to keep your system secure. You need a robust hardware solution. AMD Secure technology brings you a built-in security system that puts the protection right on your processor. Through our colloboration with an extensive network of platform providers, we are working to provide the greatest peace of mind on every AMD product.

Security built right into your hardware

AMD gives you a dedicated platform security processor (PSP) built into your AMD APU. The ARM TrustZone layer runs on top of the hardware, creating a secure environment by partitioning the CPU into two virtual ”worlds.” Sensitive tasks are run on the PSP – in the "secure world" – while other tasks are run in the "typical operation." This helps ensure the secure storage and processing of sensitive data and trusted applications. It also helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of key resources, such as the user interface and service provider assets.

Enabling a wide ecosystem

With ARM TrustZone, AMD has embraced an open-standards approach that merges a comprehensive ecosystem of hardware and software partners’ API access to the hardware IP. This means that our hardware partners can build platforms that have trust built in from the start, while our service and content partners can rely on that integral trust to start launching innovative services and new business opportunities.

Better security through new, innovative solutions

This unprecedented level of cooperation accelerates our ability to provide full security solutions that you can count on across AMD products. It also enables our technology partners to bring you innovative, new security solutions based on AMD platforms: anti-virus and anti-theft software, biometric authentication, security for ecommerce – the possibilities are only beginning to emerge. It’s all part of AMD’s pioneering spirit – we are working to bring you a more engaging world with technologies that are as safe as they are fun to use.

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