AMD FirePro™ Technology for GPU Compute


AMD FirePro™ Advantage

  • World's first professional GPU to exceed 1.0 TFLOP of peak double precision floating point performance¹
  • Industry leading double precision floating point performance
  • High performance per dollar and per watt
  • Industry's only single-slot server graphics cards for maximum density
  • Support for industry standard APIs, including OpenGL, OpenCL™ and DirectX®
  • Optimized AMD FirePro™ drivers enhance application performance with unique GPU capabilities
  • Compatible with rackmount servers, blade servers and PCIe® expansion chassis from leading vendors
  • Planned minimum three year product lifecycles
  • Three year limited product repair/replacement warranty
  • Designed, built and rigorously tested by AMD for demanding professional use
Single-slot Server Graphics
  • Ideal for deployments requiring high density, energy efficiency and high single-precision floating point performance
  • AMD FirePro™ S7000
Dual-slot Server Graphics
  • Ideal for deployments requiring maximum compute performance
  • AMD FirePro™ S10000
  • AMD FirePro™ S9000
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