AMD Partner Program


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The program is aspirational. Through participation, partners:
  • Earn their status and benefits according to criteria that is transparent
  • Know their standing and how to ascend and gain increased support
  • Are recognized and celebrated in many ways


The program is motivational. Through participation, partners:
  • Earn benefits tailored to their track and tier that will help them grow and prosper
  • Gain access to AMD executives and receive recognition for their partnership
  • Are incentivized and rewarded for their achievements


The program is empowering. Through participation, partners:
  • Are enabled to sell components, and to design, build, and sell solutions based on AMD technology
  • Receive support for their systems-design process from concept to production
  • Enjoy a wide range of support

About the Partner Benefits

We designed the partner benefits to help partners grow their business and maximize profitability. Partners receive benefits according to their track and tier. A partner's track, or business model, determines what types of benefits the partner is eligible to receive. As partners ascend to a higher tier, they are eligible to receive richer benefits encompassing a wide range of categories, such as:

  • Financial Benefits – Rebates, Marketing Acceleration Funds (MAF), DPAs and discretionary funding for technical reviews
  • Access Benefits – Access to AMD executives via AET Summit and partner meetings
  • Marketing Benefits – Campaigns, bundles, tier/track logos, and launch participation
  • Referral / Recognition Benefits – Partner certificates and awards, advertisements on AMD web properties and joint PR
  • Technical Benefits – Training, sales tools, drivers/BIOS updates and technical support
  • Material Benefits – Marketing assets and sample kits

About the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is a secure website for our channel partners that delivers many of the benefits of the AMD Partner Program and provides access to information to help partners grow their AMD business. We tailor content to the partner's needs. Partners have access to:

  • Sales Tools and Marketing Assets –  Product logos, creative assets, and print-on-demand sales tools
  • Product Training – The latest training on new AMD products
  • "Ask the Experts" – Answers our partners' questions from AMD experts
  • Top Reviews and News –Corporate news and third-party product/technology reviews
  • Resources – Driver downloads, listing of available graphics cards and motherboards by AIB/ODM partner, and industry benchmark information
  • Sales Opportunities – New opportunities to help grow partners' AMD business – Professional Graphics, tablets, whitebooks, and more
  • Connect – Blogs, forums and social media
  • Sales Opportunities – New opportunities to help grow partners' AMD business – Professional Graphics, tablets, whitebooks, and more
  • Partner Program Documentation – Terms and conditions, track and tier definitions, tier criteria, benefits, reporting requirements, review schedule, and tier/track logos and badges
  • Video Spotlight – The latest videos to stay current on AMD products and technology
Learn More on the Partner Portal

About the Partner Tracks - Definitions

A partner's track reflects the partner's business model.  Partners with dual business models can participate in more than one track.

  • System Builder - Builder of systems for commercial or consumer end users
  • Retailer - Brick-and-mortar reseller of components and/or systems to end users
  • Etailer - Online reseller of components and/or systems to end users
  • Distributor - Reseller of components and/or systems to other resellers
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