AMD Sempron™ ASB1 Processors (BGA)


AMD Sempron™ processors logoShrink the design, not the performance, with the AMD Sempron™ 200U and 210U processors designed specifically for embedded systems. These AMD Sempron processors are specifically designed with unique computing features and a thin, compact form factor to help enable new and uncompromising designs. The AMD Sempron 200U and 210U processors are packaged in a smallfootprint, lidless 812-ball BGA (Ball Grid Array) package. This enables small form factor and rugged designs to be created with optimal thermal dissipation utilizing a soldered down ASB1 device. The AMD Sempron 200U and 210U processors are well suited for designs including enterprise-class thin client systems, point of sale kiosks, digital signage, ruggedized systems for military aero or other field implementations, telecommunications and networking devices, gaming machin​es and industrial controls with these models supporting extended longevity.

Features and Benefits

  • Featuring AMD's innovative Direct Connect Architecture for leading-edge performance by providing separate, dedicated high-speed links between processor and memory, processor and I/O, and I/O to memory, to enable predictability in real-time applications
  • HyperTransport™ technology helps boost overall system performance through a dedicated high-speed, low-latency I/O interface
  • AMD Digital Media Xpress™ technology designed to be compatible with the largest installed base of multimedia-enhanced software, taking 3D and graphics to new levels for medical imaging, gaming, kiosk, and point-of-sale applications
  • Simultaneous 32- and 64-bit performance, designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista®
  • Enhanced Virus Protection to increase the reliability of your network-connected applications*
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