A History of Innovation: 1970 – 1999


1999  Our AMD Athlon™ processor became the first 7th-generation processor for Microsoft® Windows® 1998 Became the first company to launch a complete set-top box design and also shipped our 10 millionth ATI AGP chip1995 Launched the AMD-K5® processor, our first independently-designed, socket-compatible x86 microprocessor1997 Launched the AMD-K6® microprocessor, helping drive PC prices below $1,000 for the first time and making PCs affordable to average consumers1994   Introduced the ATI Mach64™, our first graphics boards to accelerate motion video1996 Released the first 3D graphics chip, first combined graphics and TV tuner card, and first chip to display computer graphics on a TV1993 Debuted the Am486® microprocessor family, a high-performing yet low-cost option for x86 CPU consumers1992 Introduced the ATI Mach32™, integrating graphics controller and accelerator in one chip1992 Released VESA Local Bus (VLB) products and peripheral component interconnect (PCI) products1991   Debuted the Am386® microprocessor family as an affordable yet high-performing competitive offering in the x86 market1989 Assisted in establishment of VESA standard for graphics industry1970   Introduced our first proprietary device, the Am2501 logic counter, the industry's first binary/hexadecimal up-down counter1987 Debuted ATI’s EGA Wonder™ and VGA Wonder™1985 Developed our first graphics controller and first graphics board product Innovations History: 2010 – present
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