​AMD Hands-Free Interaction

Natural, Intuitive, Human-based Control

Yes, really - we want you to wave at your PC. Our suite of elite software enables you to interact with your computer in much more natural, intuitive ways. AMD Face Login facial recognition software brings your PC to life with a wink or a nod; our AMD Gesture Control software allows you to flip through photos, web pages and more with a wave of the hand. These alternative ways of interacting with your system are all part of the era of Surround Computing, made possible by AMD’s APU (accelerated processor) technology.

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AMD Face Login

Why remember lengthy usernames and passwords when your PC can simply remember your face?1

AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APU)

By combining graphics and processing power on a single chip, AMD APUs enable lightweight, power-efficient PCs that deliver a superior visual experience

AMD Gesture Control

Skip around music tracks, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, pages in your e-book, or scenes in a movie with a wave of your hand2

Surround Computing

See more on how AMD’s natural interaction software works in smarter, more human-oriented computing