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AMD Virtualization Technology

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Increase Your Data Center Efficiency with AMD Virtualization

We understand doing more with less is an unavoidable challenge when conducting business today. To help you meet that challenge head on, we developed a unique suite of innovative virtualization technologies and integrated them directly into all AMD Opteron™ processors.

With revolutionary architecture featuring up to 16 cores, AMD Opteron processors are built to support more VMs per server for greater consolidation—which can translate into lower server acquisition costs, operational expense, power consumption and data center floor space.

AMD Virtualization (AMD-V™) technology is a set of on-chip features that help you make better use of and improve the performance of your virtualization resources.


Virtualization Extensions to the x86 Instruction SetEnables software to more efficiently create VMs so that multiple operating systems and their applications can run simultaneously on the same computer
Tagged TLBHardware features that facilitate efficient switching between VMs for better application responsiveness
Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI)Helps accelerate the performance of many virtualized applications by enabling hardware-based VM memory management
AMD-V Extended MigrationHelps virtualization software with live migrations of VMs between all available AMD Opteron processor generations
I/O VirtualizationEnables direct device access by aVM, bypassing the hypervisor for improved application performance and improved isolation of VMs for increased integrity and security



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