Legacy Products


Following is a list of legacy professional graphics solutions. Click on the links below to obtain information about each solution.

AMD will continue to support these processors for three years from the date they were last available for purchase from AMD. Drivers may be downloaded from the graphics drivers and software page.

AMD FirePro™

AMD FirePro™ W9​100
AMD FirePro™ W9000
AMD FirePro™ W8100
AMD FirePro™ W8000
AMD FirePro™ W7100
AMD FirePro™ W7000
AMD FirePro™ W5100
AMD FirePro™ W5000 DVI
AMD FirePro™ W5000
AMD FirePro™ W4300
AMD FirePro™ W4100
AMD FirePro™ W2100
AMD FirePro™ V9800P
AMD FirePro™ V7900 SDI
AMD FirePro™ V7900
AMD FirePro™ V7800P
AMD FirePro™ V5900
AMD FirePro™ V5800 DVI
AMD FirePro™ V5800
AMD FirePro™ V4900
AMD FirePro™ V3900
AMD FirePro™ APU A300


ATI FirePro™

ATI FirePro™ 2450
ATI FirePro™ RG220/RG220A
ATI FirePro™ V9800
ATI FirePro™ V8800
ATI FirePro™ V8750
ATI FirePro™ V8700
ATI FirePro™ V7800
ATI FirePro™ V7750
ATI FirePro™ V5700
ATI FirePro™ V4800
ATI FirePro™ V3800
ATI FirePro™ V3750
ATI FirePro™ V3700
ATI FirePro™ M7820
ATI FirePro™ M7740
ATI FirePro™ M5800
ATI FirePro™ M5725


ATI FireMV™ 2260 
ATI FireMV™ 2250
ATI FireMV™ 2400 PCI Express
ATI FireMV™ 2400 PCI
ATI FireMV™ 2200 PCI


ATI FireGL™ V8650
ATI FireGL™ V8600
ATI FireGL™ V7700
ATI FireGL™ V7600
ATI FireGL™ V5600
ATI FireGL™ V3600

AMD FireStream™

AMD FireStream™ 9270
AMD FireStream™ 9250
AMD FireStream™ 9170
AMD FireStream™ 9350/9370

These processors are covered by limited warranty that expires three years from the original date of purchase, upon presentation of the original receipt.