AMD Athlon™ Processor Competitive Comparison

Features AMD Athlon™ CPU Pentium® 4
Architecture Introduction 20062000
Infrastructure Socket AM2Socket LGA775
Process Technology 90 nanometer, SOI
65 nanometer, SOI
90 nanometer
64-bit Instruction Set Support Yes,
AMD64 technology
Depends, EM64T on some Pentium® 4 series
Enhanced Virus Protection for Windows® XP SP2* YesDepends
System Bus Technology HyperTransport™ Technology up to 2000MHz
Full duplex
Front Side Bus up to 1066 MHz,
Half duplex
Integrated DDR Memory Controller (MCT) 128-bit + 16-bit ECC
unbuffered PC2 6400 (DDR2-800), PC2 5300(DDR2-667), PC2 4200(DDR2-533), PC2 3200(DDR2-400)
Discrete logic device on motherboard
Total Processor-to-System BandwidthHyperTransport: up to 8.0 GB/s
Memory bandwidth: up to 10.6 GB/s
Total: up to 18.6 GB/s
Total: up to 8.5 GB/s
Integrated NorthbridgeYes,
128-bit data path @ CPU core frequency
Discrete logic device on motherboard
High-Performance, On-chip CacheL1: 128KB
L2: 512k or 1MB
L1: 12K µop trace + 8KB data
L2: up to 2MB
3D and Multimedia Instructions3DNow!™ Professional technology, SSE2, SSE3SSE, SSE2, SSE3