AMD Opteron™ A-Series Processors

​​The AMD Opteron A1100 Series Accelerates Data Center Innovation

For organizations on the path to mainstreaming ARM for Data Center workloads, Opteron A1100 is an enterprise-class ARM-based SOC delivering scale-out performance, energy efficiency and optimized TCO.

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AMD ARM-based Opteron™ A-series processor

​Inspiring Innovation in the Data Center

ARM in the Data center creates choice.  Choice leads to new thinking, new options and further optimization ultimately leading to lower cost and complexity.

Delivering Scale-Out Performance, Connectivity and Power Efficiency for Lower TCO

By packaging the latest ARM Cortex-A57 cores with high-speed network and storage connectivity with outstanding energy efficiency, the AMD Opteron A1100 Series Processor Family delivers a balanced Total Cost of Ownership for storage, web and networking workloads.

Accelerating Time to Deployment of Enterprise-class 64-bit ARM

AMD is partnering with ARM to develop a broader ecosystem for Data Center environments reducing the cost and risk of introducing new technologies such as 64-bit ARM.  A broad ecosystem coupled with choice encourages accelerated time to utilization.

ARM64 Development on AMD

Expanding the reach of server platforms to developers is a key part of the AMD 64-bit ARM strategy for the data center. We are pleased to announce the following options for software and hardware developers, and we plan to add more options in the coming months.

SoftIron, Inc

From development and standard rack mount platforms to specialized storage solutions, SoftIron is one of our lead hardware partners and offers a breadth of 64-bit ARM solutions featuring AMD.

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Targeted for low-cost software development, the “Cello” is the first product based on the AMD Opteron A1100 Series processor that meets Linaro’s 96Boards Enterprise Edition specification. Planned availability is expected via distributor in 2016.

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