AMD Opteron™ X2170 APU

AMD Opteron™ X2170 APU

AMD Opteron™ Server-Class x86 APU SoC – Enhanced!

Building on the AMD Opteron™ X2150 – the first server class x86 APU SoC – the AMD Opteron™ X2170 APU is a fully integrated CPU, GPU, and I/O in a power efficient package, optimized to help lower datacenter TCO and to fit into dense server platforms powering the next generation of datacenters and workloads.

  • ​Featuring Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture
  • TDP as low as 11W
  • Highly integrated x86 SoC for emerging multimedia-oriented workloads

Target workloads

  • Hosted DT
  • Cloud gaming
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Video preprocessing and transcoding Interface


Product specifications

​Model Number​CPU Core Count​CPU Core FrequencyNorthbridge Frequency​AMD Radeon™ Cores​GPU Frequency​Power Band​Max
DDR3 Speed
​L2 Cache
​X2170​4​1.0-2.4 GHz​1000 MHz​128​655 MHz- 800 MHz​11W-25W​1866 MHz​2M


Note: AMD offers the ability for a user to control their own TDP in BIOS based upon the CPU and GPU frequency requirements of their workload. The default setting is a blended CPU/GPU optimized configuration where CPU frequency=1.5GHz, GPU Frequency=500MHz, and TDP=15W.