AMD Embedded Solutions: Thin Client

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​A trusted thin client market leader

Discover why AMD has an extensive history of leadership in the thin client market. Our solutions are designed to enable you to create a new generation of thin client devices that help reduce operating costs and power consumption, while lasting longer and providing utterly enjoyable user experiences.

​Small Footprint, Low-Power, Graphic-Rich Embedded Solutions Meet the Needs of Thin Client Market

​​​Citrix Optimization for Linux® by AMD

AMD has worked closely with Citrix to optimize the Linux-based Thin Client end-user experience for multimedia content. This is especially important for use-cases where end users want to play videos or participate in video-conferencing, while also multi-tasking and taking advantage of the performance available in their AMD-based Thin Client systems. 

“Our collaboration with AMD helps ensure our Citrix Optimization for Linux provides customers with superior graphics, performance and an increased ability to multitask, all while minimizing CPU utilization. Together we provide our customers an improved Linux based thin client experience with premium multimedia capabilities."
- Sridhar Mullapudi, VP of Product Management, Citrix​​​

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  • Easily handle graphics overlays on top of HD video, including leading social media video sites 
  • High-resolution on up to four independent displays and a variety of display formats1 
  • Hardware-assisted, high-definition video decode and support for multiple video streams 
  • One-board design for a wide range of solutions 
  • Built-in remote management features for easy management and high reliability 
  • Five years of production availability planned, plus an additional two years under contract 
  • Small form factor designs for smaller footprints 
  • Lowered power consumption with thermals as low as 4.5W for a single CPU core and 6.4W for dual CPU cores, for fan-less solutions 
  • Broad software support, including VMware, Citrix,a range of Windows® operating systems, Linux®, Android and others