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Remote workstations for design and engineering

A unique option for design and engineering professionals working with small to medium sized models and datasets is the AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics card. Unlike AMD FirePro™ S-series server cards, the FirePro R5000 features an integrated PCoIP host processor from Teradici that enables the transmission and compression of pixels over the Internet, and the ability to access desktops and information remotely.

remote workstation

Remote workstation solution overview

Further, the AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics card is the only single PCIe® slot-and-PCoIP-enabled solution certified for compatibility and performance by leading design and engineering software vendors, including:

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​​Remote workstations for design and engineering

  • Allows IT to centralize hardware in the data center for ease of management
  • Maximizes available workspace and helps keeps the work environment cooler and quieter
  • Users can access their data and projects remotely from an enabled device
  • Co-workers can view the same workstation from different locations without data duplication
  • Keeps data safe and secure in the data center, only pixels are transmitted
  • Delivers performance experience on par with a physical system, including full 3-D graphics
  • VMware support to create multiple virtualized machines in one rack workstation to maximize density

​Delivering workstation experiences over the corporate network

AMD FirePro R5000

​​​The AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics card features a TERA2 PCoIP host processor integrated in the card. This PCoIP technology features host rendering, delivering pixels only. These pixels are encoded specifically for the type of media being displayed and are optimally transmitted over standard IP networks. The workstation images are delivered typically to a small, secure PCoIP zero client. The PCoIP zero client can be placed​ in an office or remote location, enabling workstation access virtually anywhere. Alternatively, a desktop or laptop with a Teradici PCoIP software client installed can also receive PCoIP traffic, providing flexible access to information at your desk or on the go.​


Centrally managed from the data center

Each AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics card can only be assigned to one user. However, multiple FirePro R5000s can be deployed in a single rack workstation to support multiple users. The AMD FirePro R5000 supports VMware ESXi 5.5 to help IT create and support multiple virtual machines. If your business prefers to deploy one rack workstation per user, a hypervisor is not required.

As far as end-user requirements, each employee needs:

  • A display (up to four remote displays are supported), mouse and keyboard
  • A compatible zero client that is PCoIP-enabled and supports one to four remote displays
  • Corporate network connection
  • A laptop or desktop with the Teradici PCoIP software client installed for remote access on the go

Because the graphics card sits in the data center and is easier to manage, the AMD FirePro R5000 also enables IT to clone a remote user’s displays in the data center when troubleshooting issues. This capability is unique to the FirePro R5000, allowing IT to locally clone up to two displays, via two Mini DisplayPort outputs, and still remote up to four displays per user.

Our partners at BOXX have an elegant turnkey solution built around eight AMD FirePro R5000 GPUs for those looking for a simple out-of-box solution. Click here for more details about this very unique and capable product.

Deployed at individual users’ desks

The AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics can actually be deployed in two ways, centrally in the data center or in a desktop workstation at each user’s desk. If moving hardware to a central location is not a priority at this time, or your company has groups of users sitting in one location, the AMD FirePro R5000 can be installed in a desktop workstation under the user’s desk. These users still benefit from the ability to remotely access their system and information remotely from a PCoIP enabled device.

Supporting power users

The AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics card is ideal for midrange design and engineering professionals who work with small to medium datasets and models. If you have users working with large data sets and models, an AMD FirePro™ W7000 GPU can be paired with a stand-alone PCoIP host processor card and deployed in a rack workstation or in a desktop at the user’s desk. This is a dual-card solution.


When to consider a dual-card solution

  • Have a power user who needs more graphics performance than the AMD FirePro R5000 server card
  • Rack workstation density is not a high priority
  • No need for cloning remote displays locally
  • Can accommodate external cabling between the graphics card and the PCoIP host card


​Server CardPower User TypeHypervisor​Remoting Protocol​OS Support​API Support​End-user RequirementsR5000 Application Certifications​Tested + Certified Hardware
​AMD FirePro™ R5000 (one per user)​Entry to Mid-range​ESXi 5.5 (optional)​VMware ESXi 5.1 or No Hypervisor (Direct install in data center, hosted dedicated workstations)​Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Linux

​Up to DirectX® 9 with ESXi 5.5

OpenGL 2.1 or lower with ESXi 5.5

​Up to four displays per user (compatible zero client with PColP host processor from Teradici required)

For VMware Horizon View brokered sessions any VMware Horizon View software client (Mac/Windows/LInux/ iOS/Android) or a Zero Client (Teradici).
AppBlast supports any HTML5 web browser for client delivery.

Zero Client (Teradici) or Software Client Mac/Windows (Teradici) for PColP Direct Connect.

​AutoDesk® AutoCAD 2014/2013/2012

AutoDesk Inventor® 2012/2014

AutoDesk Rivet® 2014/2013/2012

Bentley MicroStation V8i SS3

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks 2014/2013/2012

Siemens PLM NX 8.0/8.5

Siemens PLM Teamcenter Visualizations 2007/8

Siemens Technomatix

Siemens Solid edge ST6

​HP T310 Zero Client
HP Z620 Tower Workstation
HP Z420 Tower Workstation

Additional compatible zero clients include:
Dell Wyse P25 Zero Client
Dell Wyse P45 Zero Client



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