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AMD FirePro™ professional graphics for Autodesk® Inventor® and VRED™

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​With the latest AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards, working in Autodesk® Inventor® and VRED™ can be more efficient than ever. Complex assembly modeling as well as sophisticated rendering in Inventor® and the Autodesk® Product Design Suite benefit from GPU-accelerated features and hardware optimizations.

Experience professional graphics performance with Autodesk® Inventor® and VRED™ when using the new AMD FirePro™ W-series graphics cards and Autodesk-certified drivers.

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​ISV Certification - Optimized power for your designs

AMD FirePro™ graphics is a rock-solid, professional-grade hardware solution that is built for the most demanding workflows. On top, AMD and Autodesk work closely together to provide a graphics driver that delivers optimized application performance and reliability.


Handle larger models with more GPU memory

The times when a CAD model consisted of one or a few parts are becoming a memory – today, we talk about complete products in one assembly structure, from cars to planes to plants. AMD FirePro™ graphics cards are designed to address these workflow changes and are available with large on-board memory which can be directly accessed by the GPU. This allows loading all or most of the data of a large assembly directly into GPU memory to display it more smoothly (i.e. with higher frame rates) and/or more realistically (i.e. with higher quality settings).

Realtime 3D rendering for virtual reality and digital prototyping


Autodesk® VRED™ is a solution​ for automotive designers and engineers with high expectations as to the precision and realism of visualizations for product presentations, design reviews, and digital prototyping. VRED™ software is well known for its rendering capabilities and for the quality of both its real-time rendering and fast off-line rendering. VRED™ Design and VRED™ Professional support rendering in OpenGL 4.x is fully accelerated by AMD FirePro™ GPUs for high quality and interactive performance. VRED™ is typically used in immersive scenarios – such as with Power Walls, CAVEs and Virtual Reality headsets – with the goal to visualize ideas and evaluate designs.​

Multi-tasking workflows need multiple displays

Today’s development workflows typically incorporate multiple applications that are used in parallel, e.g. design, simulation, data management and collaboration. Most AMD FirePro™ graphics cards feature AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology that allows viewing multiple applications and product assemblies across three, four or even six high-resolution monitors from one single graphics card, at up to 4Kx2K resolution for each output1.


With AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology

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