AMD FirePro™ Graphics and CATIA


​​3D Design Experience - Redefined

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics and AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology1 are optimized and certified for CATIA®, part of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, and enable a superior 3D design experience.

Advanced PLM workflows with optimized and certified performance

For three decades Dassault Systèmes (DS) has been a world leader in 3D modeling and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a business experience platform providing software solutions for organizations, enabling engineers and industrial designers to digitally define and simulate products, processes and resources. This platform helps customers to bring their innovative products to market faster.

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are thoroughly tested and certified for CATIA by Dassault Systèmes for optimized performance and reliability. AMD is the right choice for those looking to deploy CATIA V6 powered by the latest GPU technology with professional-grade performance and reliability.​

“The impressive graphics performance of the new certified line of AMD FirePro™ graphics cards will amaze CATIA® and ENOVIA DMU users. AMD FirePro™ delivers the exceptional realism, accuracy, and power needed to help improve the efficiency and productivity of our customers.”
- Jerome Maillot, R&D 3DVIA Technology Director, V6 User Experience

Innovation, performance and reliability

As DS helps establish 3D computer graphics as the universal language for both businesses and consumers, the company exploits the latest developments in hardware in order to deliver a high performance and high productivity experience to its customers. Such hardware includes the AMD FirePro™ family of professional graphics solutions that features innovative GPU technologies, cutting-edge performance and high reliability.

For more information on the latest AMD FirePro™ graphics drivers for CATIA, please click here.

Price-​Performance Comparison Based on SPECviewperf® 12.0.1 Benchmark for Catia® (Catia-04)²


Accelerate your simulation with AMD FirePro and OpenCL™ technology

The AMD FirePro W-series of professional graphics cards uses the latest generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture from AMD. This design efficiently balances compute tasks with 3D workloads, enabling multi-tasking that is designed to optimize ​utilization and maximize performance.

In order to leverage the massive parallel processing power of the GPU for engineering analysis and simulation, AMD graphics cards are also optimized for OpenCL™.

Enabled by OpenCL™, the AMD FirePro™ GPU can be used to help accelerate calculations in engineering analysis and simulation,– tasks traditionally carried out only by CPUs. For example, the time taken to perform a structural and multi-physics analysis in the OpenCL™ version of Abaqus from Dassault Systemes SIMULIA can be cut significantly using a high-end AMD FirePro™ Professional graphics card, like the AMD FirePro W8100 or W91003.

Download the Abaqus solution sheet:

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​AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology and support for 4K displays

AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology enables an AMD FirePro graphics card to drive three, four and even six monitors via DisplayPort 1.2 from a single graphics card, at up to 4K x 2K resolution for each output. View your designs at ultra-high resolutions for increased design accuracy realism and better insight. Or, you can speed up your workflow by using your extra screens to view additional applications, running CATIA and other DS applications simultaneously.1

CATIA V6 and 3DVia Composer - collaborative design and engineering workflow

 Recommended Products

​AMD FirePro W5100​AMD FirePro W7100​AMD FirePro W8100
​AMD GCN Stream Processors​768​1792​2560
​Compute Performance
(Single Precision)
​Geometry Boost​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Memory Bandwidth​96 GB/s​160 GB/s​320 GB/s
​Physical Display Outputs​Four Mini-DisplayPort 1.2a​Four DisplayPort 1.2a​Four DisplayPort 1.2
​Total Display Outputs with AMD Eyefinity and DisplayPort 1.2a¹​6​6​6
​Ready for 4K (UHD)​Yes​Yes​Yes
​System Interface​PCIe® 3.0, Single-Slot​PCIe® 3.0, Single-Slot​PCIe® 3.0, Dual-Slot
​Open GL​4.4​4.4​4.4

 Recommended Configurations

​Model size and complexity​VisualisationSimulation​PLM Workflows​Datasheet Download
​AMD FirePro
​✓✓✓​✓✓✓​✓✓✓​4 display outputs
​AMD FirePro
​✓✓✓​✓✓​✓✓​4 display outputs Download       
​AMD FirePro
​✓✓​✓✓​✓​4 display outputs Download         


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