AMD FirePro™ Graphics and Siemens PLM

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​​​​Design, Simulate,​ and Innovate

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics is certified and optimized for NX and enables advanced CAD/CAM/CAE workflows with high performance and reliability.

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Creating a reliable platform for design innovation

From start to finish, creating an efficient product development cycle has never been so critical. Great lengths are taken by many industries – including automotive, aerospace, consumer products and electronics - to create innovative and better quality products. Not only this, many companies face commercial challenges in reducing design and production costs while getting the product as quickly to market as possible.


​​Many design engineers today rely on NX from Siemens PLM Software, which provides a professional environment to design, manipulate, simulate and analyze product assemblies. High quality, real-time 3D modeling is essential to the entire product development process, with many assemblies having hundreds or even thousands of components. AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are designed and built for this purpose, with extensive testing and certifications by Siemens and AMD to ensure the highest level of performance.


For more information on the latest AMD FirePro™ graphics drivers for NX, please click here.

​Accelerate your simulation with AMD ​FirePro and OpenCL technology


AMD FirePro™ professional graphics delivers a powerful solution for NX Nastran users to design and simulate on the same workstation. GPU computing provides opportunities to increase application performance by using the massively parallel architecture or modern graphics processors (GPUs).

Enabled by OpenCL™, the AMD FirePro™ GPU can be used to help accelerate calculations in engineering analysis and simulation – tasks traditionally carried out only by CPUs.

Download the NX Nastran solution sheet:

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Run NX™ from the Security of the Data Center with AMD Multiuser GPU

Staying competitive in today’s global economy means accelerating product innovation and development. The latest release of Siemens PLM Software portfolio introduces capabilities to enable virtualized desktop environments for improved flexibility, performance, and security.

In design and manufacturing today, customers face increased pressure to reduce IT costs, while seeking out ways to improve flexibility, performance, and security. Enterprise companies and large suppliers need to have the ability to get global design teams up and running quickly in new locations, and they need all teams to be able to easily access the latest data and software installation by updating a single server. Virtualization of NX design and engineering applications can help IT managers and global teams accomplish this.

AMD Multiuser GPU (MxGPU) technology brings physical workstation-grade 2D and 3D graphics acceleration to the datacenter. Moving data from local devices to the datacenter eliminates the need to store and transfer multiple copies of that data. This simplifies version control, which boosts productivity and fosters collaboration among local and remote teams. IT departments no longer need to support individual workstations with multiple hardware, OS, and application configurations. Users simply log in to their virtual desktops at any time from any device and receive full workstation performance and GPU acceleration. By supporting and certifying virtual desktops running on AMD MxGPU technology, Siemens PLM Software empowers customers to use their preferred design, engineering or manufacturing solution such as NX™, Tecnomatix®, or Teamcenter®.​​

Realistic representations of designs in real-time with Advanced Studio


Advanced Studio mode, a feature within NX, provides engineers with a realistic representation of their 3D models by applying complex shadows and lighting in “real-time”, without the need for time-consuming renders. This helps engineers analyse and visualise what the assembly would look like at a much earlier stage of the product development cycle.

However, viewing large assemblies with increased realism puts a higher demand on the GPU, reducing performance, interactivity and application responsiveness. Thanks to the large frame buffer memory and advanced GCN GPU architecture, AMD FirePro graphics cards are able to help increase the visual quality inside the NX modeling.

Price2-Performance Comparison based on ​SPECviewperf® 12.0.1 benchmark for ​NX (snx-02)3


Leading edge software needs leading edge hardware

AMD FirePro professional graphics cards are packed full of leading-edge technologies to help ensure compatibility with the latest software applications and supporting system hardware.

AMD FirePro W5000 graphics card

World’s first 28nm GPU Architecture

The AMD FirePro W5000 graphics card is based on AMD’s latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture. This design efficiently balances compute tasks with 3D workloads, enabling multi-tasking that is designed to optimize utilization and maximize performance. 

​AMD Eyefinity technology - ready for 4K displays

With support of the latest DisplayPort 1.2 standard, AMD FirePro graphics cards with AMD Eyefinity technology can now be used with the latest 4K monitors and enable workflows that provide incredible, life-like details of your 3D models.

 Recommended Products

​AMD FirePro W5100​AMD FirePro W7100​AMD FirePro W8100
​AMD GCN Stream Processors​768​1792​2560
​Compute Performance
(Single Precision)
​Geometry Boost​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Memory Bandwidth​96 GB/s​160 GB/s​320 GB/s
​Physical Display Outputs​Four Mini-DisplayPort 1.2a​Four DisplayPort 1.2a​Four DisplayPort 1.2
​Total Display Outputs with AMD Eyefinity and DisplayPort 1.2a¹​6​6​6
​Ready for 4K (UHD)​Yes​Yes​Yes
​System Interface​PCIe 3.0, Single-Slot​PCIe 3.0, Single-Slot​PCIe 3.0, Dual-Slot
​Open GL​4.4​4.4​4.4

 Recommended Configurations

​Model size and complexity​VisualisationSimulation​PLM Workflows​Datasheet Download
​AMD FirePro
​✓✓✓✓✓✓​✓✓✓​​4 display outputs
​AMD FirePro
​✓✓✓✓✓​​✓✓​4 display outputs
​AMD FirePro
​✓✓✓✓​​✓​4 display outputsDownload


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