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Boost productivity with the serious power and performance of AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards for HP Z Desktop Workstations and HP ZBook Mobile Workstations. Get cutting-edge features like AMD Eyefinity multidisplay technology with our Graphics Core Next architecture, which is available on the latest AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards1,2. Push your computing boundaries with outstanding performance and quality from AMD Catalyst™ Pro professional graphics drivers, which are optimized for the latest, industry-leading applications for engineering, design, media and entertainment, and more!   

Unprecedented memory configuration

AMD now offers 4GB of GPU memory in the midrange workstation graphics segment with the AMD FirePro W5100 graphics card, helping to improve system and application responsiveness. Even the entry-level AMD FirePro W2100 graphics card now features 2GB of GPU memory. Also available in HP Z desktop workstations is the high-end AMD FirePro W7100 graphics card which comes with 8GB, ready to tackle the largest engineering and design projects.

Next-generation display capabilities

AMD FirePro graphics cards come equipped with native DisplayPort outputs and can drive up to six 4K displays using AMD Eyefinity technology1, helping users to efficiently multitask across multiple applications and displays. Compared to the previous generation, the latest AMD FirePro W-series graphics cards support DisplayPort 1.2a and the new Adaptive-Sync feature.5

Certified application performance

AMD works with leading software vendors to certify more than 100 applications across the entire AMD FirePro™ product family, to ensure fast and reliable performance users can count on. AMD FirePro graphics drivers are rigorously tested and optimized for a wide variety of professional graphics applications to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


HP Z840 Workstation - more power to you

Designed for high-end computing and visualization, the new HP Z840 workstation delivers outstanding performance in one of the industry’s most expandable chassis. With support for next generation PCIe® Gen3 graphics, the HP Z840 currently offers a breadth of AMD professional graphics cards to cater to all your graphics needs. Push your computing boundaries and keep up with your biggest projects.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 Pro 64 bit
  • AMD FirePro™ W2100 or W5100 professional graphics
  • Up to 2TB memory3
  • Up to 3TB storage4
  • 3 years parts, labor, and onsite service limited warranty

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​AMD FirePro™ W5100 Workstation graphics

Tackle larger projects with 4GB of graphics memory, 4K support and quad-display connectivity.

AMD FirePro™ W5100 graphics cards are designed for next generation workstations. With ample memory, 4K quad-display capabilities¹ and optimized application performance, creative and design professionals can work at a new levels of detail, speed, responsiveness and creativity.

  • 4GB GDDR5 memory (up to 96 GB/s memory bandwidth)
  • 768 GCN stream processors
  • 1.43 TFLOPS peak single-precision floating-point performance
  • 89.2 GFLOPS peak double-precision floating-point performance
  • DirectX® 11/12 and OpenGL 4.4
  • Supports OpenCL™ 2.07
  • 4x DisplayPort 1.2 output
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HP ZBOOK Mobile Workstations - perform on the go

Work anywhere with confidence knowing you have an HP ZBook mobile workstation with AMD FirePro™ graphics at your fingertips, ranging from the HP ZBook 14 G2 Ultrabook™ with AMD FirePro™ M4150 graphics all the way up to the new HP ZBook 17 G3 with AMD FirePro W6150M graphics.

AMD FirePro™ GPUs are compliant with the latest industry APIs, enabling you to take full advantage of their rich graphics features. AMD professional GPUs are especially tuned to enable outstanding performance for many major CAD and digital media applications.

Choose between the following HP ZBook systems:

  • HP ZBook 14 G2 Ultrabook™ with AMD FirePro™ M4150 (1GB)
  • HP ZBook 15u G2 Ultrabook™ with AMD FirePro™ M4170 (1GB)
  • New! HP ZBook 15u G3 Ultrabook™ with AMD FirePro™ W4190M (2GB)
  • HP ZBook 15 G2 with AMD FirePro™ M5100 (2GB)
  • New! HP ZBook 15 G3 with AMD FirePro™ W5170M (2GB)
  • HP ZBook 17 G2 with AMD FirePro™ M6100 (2GB)
  • New! HP ZBook 17 G3 with AMD FirePro™ W6150M (4GB)

 HP Z Series

HP Z230 Workstation

Affordable performance and flexibility, re-defined

HP Z230

HP Z240 Workstation

Power, price, and size

HP Z240

HP Z440 Workstation

Expand your power

HP Z440

HP Z640 Workstation

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HP Z640

HP Z840 Workstation

More power to you

HP Z840

 HP ZBook

HP ZBook Workstation Ultrabooks™6

Thin, Powerful, Affordable


HP ZBook 15

Portable powerhouse

HP ZBook 15

HP ZBook 17

HP’s ultimate in mobile performance

HP ZBook 17

 AMD Eyefinity

Greater Productivity and Collaboration with AMD Eyefinity Technology1

AMD Eyefinity is a multi-monitor graphics technology. It enables an HP workstation with a single AMD FirePro graphics card to drive up to six individual displays. Monitors can sit side by side on a desk or be arranged in a 3 x 2 array to create a massive visual workspace.


View large scale models and multiple applications across several screens like they were a single display. Stop wasting time and missing information by switching between applications; enjoy the ability to see it all. Having all these applications at your fingertips can streamline the process as data moves between them.

For Media and Entertainment

AMD Eyefinity technology enables artists to maximize workflow productivity by allowing them to work across multiple monitors, all at full resolution. For instance, when working with MachStudio Pro, artists can interact with applications like Adobe® Photoshop®, bringing different textures and material into their 3D project all in within a dramatically reduced production cycle.

 Model comparison

model comparison

 Recommended and certified configurations

Software ManufacturerApplicationGoodBetterBest
The following information is based on average application use and is intended as a guideline. Individual workflows and application usage must be taken into consideration when selecting a professional graphics card. ​ ​ ​ FirePro W2100 – Professional graphics starts here FirePro W5100 – Mid-range powerhouse FirePro W7100 – Ultimate Engineering and M&E Solution

Great for:

  • Small to medium models
  • Low complexity Parts
  • Moderate real-time visualization
  • Basic simulation performance

Great for:

  • Medium models
  • Moderately complex parts
  • Moderate real-time visualization
  • Moderate simulation performance

Great for:

  • Medium to large models
  • Highly tessellated parts
  • Advanced real-time visualization
  • Advanced simulation performance
Adobe ​ ​After Effects 
Premiere Pro 
Altair EngineeringHyperWorks
ANSYS ​ ​ANSYS Mechanical 
Autodesk ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​3ds Max 
CG TechVericut
Chaos GroupV-Ray  
COMSOLCOMSOL Multiphysics  
Dassault Systèmes ​ ​ ​ ​3DVIA Composer
IMSI/DesignTurboCAD V19
MSC Software ​Patran 
Robert McNeel & Assoc.Rhinoceros
Side Effects SoftwareHoudini  
SIEMENS PLM Software ​ ​ ​ ​FEMAP
Solid Edge
Teamcenter Visualization
The Foundry ​ ​Mari  
Vero SoftwareEdgecam

Please visit to see a full list of certified applications and products.