AMD FirePro™ Graphics and Adobe®

​Unleash your creativity

You can unleash your creativity by tapping into the immense power of the latest AMD GPUs and APUs using open standards technology and get lighting fast results when working with your content, in HD, 4K and beyond.


​Creative collaboration between AMD FirePro™ and Adobe®

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics solutions are fully optimized for Adobe Creative Cloud™ Applications , giving you more choice and providing cutting-edge application performance and reliability when using Adobe’s latest video production tools, including Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Prelude CC, and Adobe Photoshop CC.

Adobe Premiere® Pro CC with AMD FirePro™

See how Adobe Premiere® Pro CC benefits from the superior power capabilities of AMD FirePro™ graphics cards.


Optimized performance

Following the successful release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 in 2012, Adobe Premiere® Pro CC expanded GPU-acceleration via OpenCL™ to include Microsoft Windows® workstations, with a broad selection of certified AMD graphics hardware. This continued support of open standards gives you more choice and helps to future-proof your investment.

Seamless Workflows with AMD Eyefinity Multi-display Technology

AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology enables an AMD FirePro™ graphics card to drive three, four and even six monitors via DisplayPort 1.2 from a single graphics card, at up to 4Kx2K resolution for each output. Speed up your workflow by using your extra screens to view additional Audio Mixer or Metadata panels, run After Effects, Photoshop sessions simultaneously or simply refer to your storyboards and project brief.


Certified AMD FirePro™ Hardware:

AMD FirePro™ Desktop Graphics

AMD FirePro W8100 

The new AMD FirePro™ W-Series graphics cards are based on the Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture, designed to efficiently balance compute and 3D workloads.

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AMD FirePro™ Mobile Graphics

AMD FirePro™ Mobile Graphics 

AMD works with leading OEMs to deliver mobile workstation solutions that offer the same AMD FirePro™ graphics performance, software optimisation and reliability found in desktop workstations.

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Recommended Graphics Cards

AMD GCN Stream Processors




Compute Performance (Single Precision)




Geometry Boost




Memory Bandwidth

160 GB/s

320 GB/s

320 GB/s

Physical Display Outputs

Four DisplayPort 1.2a

Four DisplayPort 1.2

Six Mini-DisplayPort 1.2

Total Display Outputs with AMD Eyefinity and DisplayPort 1.2a⁵




3rd-party SDI Support








Ready for 4K (UHD)




System Interface

PCIe 3.0, Single-Slot

PCIe 3.0, Dual-Slot

PCIe 3.0, Dual-Slot






Work in harmony with all your other Adobe software

Premiere Pro CC isn't the only Adobe application to support heterogeneous system architectures to speed up your workflow. Other video production tools such as After Effects, SpeedGrade, Media Encoder, and Prelude leverage AMD GPUs for fast performance. In Adobe Photoshop CC includes the Mercury Graphics Engine to also take advantage of your AMD GPU for blazingly fast performance on even the largest of images when using demanding tools such as the latest Blur Gallery, as well as features such as Smart Sharpen and Upscale​. And since it's based on open standards like OpenCL and OpenGL, there's no need for graphics hardware using proprietary programming languages.

 Adobe® Premiere® Pro

Real-time video production in HD, 4K and beyond with Adobe Premiere® Pro CC

Now powered by AMD FirePro™ and OpenCL™ technology

With Adobe Premiere® Pro CC supporting OpenCL™ for Microsoft Windows® OS-based workstations, there's no need to buy hardware based on proprietary technology any more. Harness the power of AMD GPU acceleration to help speed up more than 40 effects in Premiere Pro CC. That means less time sitting around waiting and watching the rendering progress bar. Apply color corrections and effects to multiple layers of DV, HD or 4K video and gain feedback on the fly.

Breakthrough video editing performance with Open Standards

As 4K footage captured on devices like RED'S EPIC and SCARLET cameras quickly becomes standard for professional jobs - and even consumer-grade DSLRs like Canon's EOS Rebel T3 can shoot good-quality HD footage - editors need powerful software to cope with all of that data.


Adobe Premiere Pro's Mercury Playback Engine is designed for just such demanding modern editing jobs. By harnessing the power of the GPU alongside that of the latest multi-core CPUs, you can edit footage seamlessly at full resolution, or apply effects on the fly and see the results in real time.

Always work in real time, at full resolution


Thanks to the power of the latest generation of AMD GPUs, you can now work on high-definition footage in real time, even on a mobile system. You can play back DSLR or AVCHD video clips at full resolution on the timeline, scrub through footage in the Project bin, or use real-time dynamic trimming – all without stuttering, or having to drop to half resolution.

Make adjustments on the fly and see results in real time


Premiere Pro CC's support for OpenCL harnesses the power of your AMD FirePro graphics resource, enabling you to change the brightness or contrast of footage in real time. Just drag a Brightness & Contrast, Luma Corrector or Luma Curve effect onto a clip in the timeline and see the results of your adjustments on the fly, without shake or dropped frames – or worse, having to drop to a lower resolution and render to check the results of your work.

 Lumetri deep color engine


When you need to match footage shot on different cameras, it only takes a single click to set the White Balance, and the software takes care of the rest. GPU accelerated via OpenCL, the new Lumetri color panel allows editors to work with deeply integrated creative tools to manipulate color and light in new and innovative ways, all the way through the editing process, without leaving Premiere Pro.

 Work in real time on full-resolution 4K footage and beyond


Thanks to its support for OpenCL, Premiere Pro CC makes it possible to harness the power of your AMD GPU to play back clips on the timeline in real time – even in 4K and beyond. The latest AMD FirePro W-series professional graphics cards are ideal for such demanding production jobs. With up to 6 GB of dedicated graphics memory, industry-leading memory bandwidth and PCI Express 3.0, the top-of-the-range AMD FirePro cards help you to scrub through RED or ARRIRAW footage without stuttering or needing to drop to lower resolution.

Make adjustments on the fly - even with the most demanding effects

The AMD FirePro W-Series graphics cards accelerate your high-end video workflow more efficiently than ever before, even when working with the most demanding algorithms. With the new Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture, the AMD FirePro W7100, W8100 and W9100 graphics cards make it possible to apply processor-intensive effects such as the Three-Way Color Corrector or the Ultra Key chroma keyer on the fly.


Thanks to the power of AMD GPUs and OpenCL, it even becomes possible to apply multiple effects, Adjustment Layers and vignette masks to footage and see the results in real time.

Apply 3D effects without having to re-render


When running on the CPU, Premiere Pro uses lower-quality algorithms for scaling footage, only switching to its highest-quality algorithms at render time. With GPU acceleration enabled, those advanced algorithms are already on.

With AMD's FirePro W-series graphics cards, you can apply overlays, titles or lower thirds seamlessly: all without having to work with lower-resolution proxies, or re-render to check the results.

 Adobe® Photoshop®

Image Editing Accelerated with AMD


Create eye-catching and awe-inspiring designs faster. AMD graphics hardware powers creativity and productivity, boosting the performance of more than 30 features, filters and functions in the latest edition of Adobe Photoshop. Creative professionals, prosumers and everyone in between can now benefit from a high-end digital imaging workflow by simply coupling an affordable, yet powerful AMD consumer- or professional-grade GPU or APU with the latest edition of Adobe Photoshop.

Get lightning-fast results: leverage the immense power of AMD GPU and APU hardware with the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, OpenCL support and dozens of GPU-accelerated features in Adobe Photoshop.

AMD hardware can drive all GPU-accelerated features in Adobe Photoshop. Key features include:

Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine - Harnesses the power of AMD GPUs and APUs to deliver unprecedented responsiveness for a fluid feel as artists work. The Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine supports OpenCL™ and OpenGL to accelerate new and enhanced Adobe Photoshop features.

Oil Painting filter - Powered by the Mercury Graphics Engine and AMD hardware, quickly gives artwork the look of a fine painting. Artists can control the style of the paintbrush, as well as the direction and shine of the lighting, to achieve a polished look. The graphics-intensive Oil Painting filter is so demanding that it requires hardware acceleration, which can be achieved with AMD consumer- or professional-grade hardware.

Puppet Warp - Powered by the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine and AMD graphics technology, enables artists to reposition image elements, such as the angle of a subject’s arms or legs, with fluid responsiveness.

Blur effects - Fueled by the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine with OpenCL support for AMD graphics to deliver immediate results.

Liquify - AMD and Adobe collaborated to optimize the dramatically accelerated Liquify tool, a filter with which users can push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker and bloat any area of an image for artistic effect. The Liquify tool leverages AMD graphics technology to enable faster results: immediately open incredibly large images and start working with more flexibility and options than ever.

 Adobe® After Effects®

​Faster Graphics Pipeline with AMD and Adobe After Effects


Pair AMD professional and consumer graphics cards with Adobe After Effects to create, manipulate, and polish motion graphics and cinematic visual effects (VFX) quickly, efficiently and effectively. AMD graphics hardware and Adobe After Effects software combine to deliver a robust and reliable creative workflow and an unparalleled user experience. AMD empowers unprecedented performance to invigorate artists and encourage experimentation with faster rendering, feedback and effects in Adobe After Effects.

Unleash your full creativity and see results in real time with AMD and Adobe After Effect’s latest features, including improved GPU-accelerated previews and final-quality rendering.

AMD boosts a variety of Adobe After Effects GPU-accelerated features:

Final Draft Mode - Fast Draft preview mode makes working with the ray-traced 3D renderer much, much faster. It speeds the process of setting up 3D scenes, which can be slow in Final Quality mode.

Hardware BlitPipe - Hardware Accelerated Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels - The Hardware BlitPipe GPU-acceleration feature is engaged when using colour management output simulation on the screen and the exposure control in the viewer panels.

Cartoon Effect - The dedicated cartoon effect gives live footage the look of cell animation quickly and easily.

OpenGL Swap Buffer - The OpenGL swap buffer feature harnesses the power of AMD graphics hardware to accelerate the drawing of pixels to the screen. This process, which can result in a performance bottleneck with larger displays, is made faster and smoother with AMD graphics hardware.

 Adobe® SpeedGrade™

​Colour, Depth, and Detail with AMD and Adobe SpeedGrade


The entirely GPU-accelerated Adobe SpeedGrade and AMD graphics hardware provide artists the power to push the envelope—with confidence, precision, and unprecedented speed. Take video projects to the next level and beyond by pairing the robust colour grading capabilities of Adobe SpeedGrade with AMD graphics hardware. With AMD and Adobe SpeedGrade, artists can open the full dynamic range of their source footage and retain details often lost in shadows and highlights. Craft picture-perfect output for virtually any format—from smartphones to the big screen—faster with AMD GPU acceleration.

AMD GPU- and APU-accelerated features in Adobe SpeedGrade include:

Primary and Secondary Colour Correction - Apply primary colour corrections to the full frame, in combination with secondary grades for selected colour ranges within images.

Powerful Layer-based Grading - Adjust footage to compensate for gamma irregularities and colour shifts, including automatic colour calibration for QuickTime output.

Camera and Colour Space Matching - Capture Macbeth colour charts and automatically match colour spaces for footage created with different cameras.

Award-winning Stereoscopic Tools - Accelerate stereoscopic workflows with automatic geometric and colorimetric error correction and control depth placement within and between shots for comfortable viewing.

Automatic Scene Detection - Automatically identify edits from archived projects to distinguish individual shots and make short work of restoration and remastering projects.

Flexible Masking Tools - Create and modify mask shapes with intuitive drawing tools. Track and animate your mask and control feathering with precision.

Real-time Reframing and Resizing - Resize and reframe your shots and pan and scan in real time to deliver perfectly composed images for virtually any display, from handheld tablets to the big screen.

Film-style Filters and Effects - Add special filters for a stylized film look or apply effects such as sharpen, soften and glow.